BIG Options Update & More

Big Lots, Inc. BIG – Update
On Friday morning, we signaled some June calls in the Big Lots chain as the company dropped a beat on its quarterly earnings and revenues. Our targets were the BIG 06/19 $40-45 Calls, which also got some help from an afternoon push for the markets in general.

Of those three targets in our selected range, all three achieved multi-bag gain status for the session. Here are the single-session moves those contracts posted on the day:

BIG 06/19 $40-45 Calls
$40: 1.00-2.30 (+130%)
$42.50: .60-1.25 (+108%)
$45: .25-.75 (+200%)

Avantor, Inc. AVTR 

We also caught AVTR off of this morning’s premarket earnings calendar, and are seeing a very interesting dynamic. Even as insiders dumped close to a billion dollars worth of AVTR stock last week, we have reason to believe that going bullish here could still be the right move.

The chart has been an absolute screamer for months on end, and 14 out of the 20 analysts to assess its current condition rate the stock a strong buy. We’re going to go ahead and signal interest in tracking the AVTR 08/21 $20-22.50 Calls.

Extended Watchlist: