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Options Update

Following up with our fresh options ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report, we already saw some nice moves in the SPY Weekly $324-325 Calls and the AAPL 10/09 $105-106 Calls and, chances are, we are going to see some further increases today as well.

Here is what they’ve managed so far, and take note that we also want to add the AAPL 10/09 $110 Calls into the mix as well.

SPY Weekly $324-325 Calls
: 3.17-5.96 (+88%)
$325: 2.71-5.26 (+94%)

AAPL 10/09 $105-106 Calls 
$105: 4.25-8.07 (+90%)
$106: 4.00-7.45 (+86%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
AZO Weekly $12.25 Calls

89Bio, Inc. ETNB

We are going to place ENTB on a bottom watch today after noticing a large Form-4 purchase toward the end of last week. A company director picked up an additional 1.3M shares at $28. Right now ENTB in trading in the $25-range.

This is an example of the kind of play we put on a longer term watch, despite most of our ideas being based on quick-strike opportunities.

Extended Watchlist:

Winning TGT Calls & More

Target Corp. TGT

Our targets within the Target options chain have been rather kind to us this week. On Wednesday morning, we established the TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls 
as our primary interests, and yesterday in our premarket report, we rolled up our strike areas to include the include the TGT Weekly $150-155 Calls, as well.

We’ll finish up the week this morning by updating the highs and total possible gains from Thursday’s ideas as well as highlighting the single session performance of our updated targets as well:

TGT Weekly $143-146 Calls 
$143: 4.45-13.00 (+192%)
$144: 3.35-11.76 (+251%)
$145: 3.00-11.06 (+269%)
$146: 2.50-9.96 (+298%)

TGT Weekly $150-155 Calls
 4.05-6.25 (+54%)
$155: 1.26-2.37 (+88%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
BKE Weekly $15-17.50 Calls*
FL Weekly $27.50-28.50 Calls*
DE Weekly $192.50-197.50 Calls*

*Please do not attempt to deal with weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

Fifteen-Bagger on the Books!

Ethema Health Corp. GRST

It was just yesterday morning that we updated readers on the incredible performance of GRST, a subpenny stock we first alerted on June 5th. From our observed low of .0002 on the play, it had banked a twelve-bagger for us!

Even as the larger markets backslid, GRST continued its major move yesterday, tacking on yet another impressive new high and extended our witnessed gains by a considerable margin. This OTC stock hit .0032 during the session, which represents a total increase for us amounting to 1500% in the space of just nine trading days!

Cheers to anyone who has been able to pocket some profits off of this big-time mover!

Fresh Options Ideas
ABM Weekly $30-35 Calls
BHVN Weekly $70-75 Calls

Extended Watchlist: