VLCK Options, OWOO & Extended Watchlist

VCLK Options
Last Monday, we were taking a look at the VCLK Options chain, specifically the $21 09/21 Calls. Following that report we observed a low of 1.10. By week’s end we observed an increase to 1.40 on Friday.

While we have not seen a power-move from VCLK as yet, with almost a month remaining until the expiration date on these contracts, there’s still plenty of time for that to occur. Especially the stock can continue to fill the gap on the chart (as we’ve pointed out below), the 09/21 $21′s could be pushed significantly deeper into the money by the the third week in September rolls around.

So far it has done a good job of posting higher highs and higher lows, and stairstepping its way toward those 50 and 200DMA’s at 23.38 and 24.00 respectively. We’ll be following along as it continues its recovery.

One World Holdings, Inc. OWOO
OWOO is coming off recent 52-week lows, and the company sent out a PR this morning containing some exciting news. They’ve retained the services of Steve Varner for the 3D sculpting of its planned line of celebrity dolls. Designing of two lines of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures for Playmate Toys are among Varner’s notable acheivements.

It’s always interesting to observe the behavior of a stock that is coming off of its annual lows, especially one with untraded-upon news, so OWOO is going to be an area of interest for us as we kick off this new trading week.

HOUSTON, Aug 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — The One World Doll Project, subsidiary of One World Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:OWOO) announced that it has partnered with Steve Varner of Varner Studios for all 3D modeling and sculpture work on its upcoming line of celebrity dolls.”When we first partnered with Steve Varner during the development of The Prettie Girls! Dolls, we immediately understood why his name is associated with so many successful toy products including Star Trek, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, McDonald’s Happy Meals and more,” said Joanne Melton, CEO of One World Holdings. “His work has always been of the highest quality and we are thrilled to once again have him as a part of the One World Team,” she added.

For more information on Steve Varner and Varner Studios log onto www.varnerstudios.com

Extended Watchlist:

Afternoon Update: IceWEB, Inc. IWEB


We wanted to send out a midday update for everyone who has been following along with our coverage of IWEB. When we last looked in on IceWEB, they had just secured another cloud storage client, an ACC University which purchased two 32TB IceWEB 2000 2U storage devices.

From where we started back on July 9th, at a low of .023, the stock has traded as high as .042, and through several swings has afforded us the opportunity to attain cumulative gains in the neighborhood of 250%

We’ve commented in the past about the value we see in a company like IWEB that keeps its investors so well informed, and once again, we are not disappointed. An extremely noteworthy PR hit the wires today:

STERLING, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– IceWEB, Inc. – (IWEB), announced today that Sand Hill Finance, LLC has converted the remaining principal balance of $1,642,739 due on its secured convertible debenture into 37,000,000 shares of the common stock of IceWEB, Inc. The conversion price was $0.0444 cents per share, a 38% premium to the recent share price of IceWEB’s common stock.

Mark Lucky, CEO of IceWEB: “Converting the Sand Hill Finance note to equity is a major achievement for IceWEB, and has significantly strengthened our balance sheet and improved our cash flow position. Sand Hill Finance has been a great partner to us over the years, and their conversion of the debt at an above-market price is a reflection of their confidence in the direction of the Company,” >>>FULL STORY

Mr. Lucky said it quite well; the conversion of a significant portion of debt into equity at such high value relative to the current market price gives investors a reason to feel encouraged about the direction in which IceWEB is headed. We’re in full agreement, which is why we’ll continue to follow this up-and-coming cloud services provider.

We’ve continually mentioned that .03 is the key level above which support must hold, and so far, IWEB has done a good job of maintaining. Today the stock hit a high of .038,  and has not fallen below .0337. If you refer to chart below, you can see that IWEB has been in a general uptrend for the duration of our attention toward the stock. We’re also going to be on the lookout for an upcoming Golden Cross of the 50 & 200DMA.

BARCHART.COM is giving IWEB high marks, with an Overall “Buy” Rating of 88%
(Including 100% ratings on both medium and long term indicators)


IWEB, WILD & Extended Watchlist


IWEB responded well to yesterday’s news like we thought it might, as the stock provided us with an early-morning move of 18% from .034 to .04. It was not able to get past resistance at four cents, and although we did see a consolidation off of that high, the stock was able to maintain higher lows and closed up 6.5% on the day.

As we were mentioning yesterday, the company has been great about announcing each new member of its growing roster of major clients. For the second day in a row we have another such announcement, as iterated in the PR below.

STERLING, Va., Aug 15, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB Storage Corporation – (OTC BB:IWEB), today announced that the Company has been selected to provide a private cloud storage infrastructure to a prestigious Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) university.

The University chose two 32TB IceWEB 2000 2U unified storage appliances; one to house video recordings from sporting events and one to be deployed at a remote data center for a disaster recovery copy. The faculty and staff will utilize IceBOX(TM), in conjunction with the IceWEB 2000 storage appliances, to provide BYOD anywhere access to the video archives. The coaching staff, administrators and athletes will be able to stream video content from their smartphones and tablets directly to video monitors in virtually any location on or off campus.

This marks the third prestigious university to retain IceWEB as a Cloud Services Provider inside of the last month. Regarding the chart, .04 has been acting as key resistance, followed by the previous swing high of .042. We’re looking for support to hold at yesterday’s low of .034. Below that, the 10 & 20DMA’s of .032 and .033 respectively.

Wild Craze, Inc.  WILD

WILD is a play that we have added to our radar this week. The stock has just begun to start trading volume, and is the current subject of a round of promotion. We’ve spotted WILD appearing in newsletters, and with the chart waking up, we are going to keep our eyes peeled for any possible opportunities that might bring.

A break of the 200DMA at .404 would send this play into a Blue-Sky Breakout

Extended Watchlist:

IWEB, BBRY & Extended Watchlist


We’ve been covering IWEB for over a month now, and during that time the company has retained several new clients, as well as racking up more than 200% in cumulative gains.

The company has remained very active with regard to reporting on those clients and keeping its shareholder base well-informed of current events. Today was no different as IWEB announced that it has been selected by a major cloud services company to provide it with IceWEB’s award-winning IceSTORM storage devices, indicated in the PR below:

We also made a quick video of the current IWEB chart for your convenience:

STERLING, Va., Aug 14, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB Storage Corporation – (OTC BB:IWEB), today announced that a large cloud services provider has purchased two IceSTORM Data Storage appliances to be deployed in Denver and Seattle.

The customer will utilize IceWEB’s award winning asynchronous replication technology to replicate data between sites as a part of their disaster recovery strategy. The customer selected IceWEB after learning of our advanced feature set in a recent DCIG Private Cloud Storage Buyers’ Guide. Of particular interest to them was our ability to create Zero Copy Clones from a previous snapshot to recover lost data as well as our ability to encrypt the data in transit. >>>FULL STORY

Blackberry Ltd. BBRY
Allow us to take a minute to pat ourselves on the back for our recent coverage of Blackberry. We were monitoring BBRY for a bottom back in the second week of July, and indeed saw a subsequent low of 8.57.After hitting a high of 12.18 yesterday. the stock marked a 42% gain off of its low. That’s quite a significant move in just a month’s time for a big-board stock.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: IWEB, GRPN, TSLA


Yesterday, we mentioned that if we could “see IWEB make higher lows, and find a level of support at .03 or better”, we would remain optimistic about this stock. We’re happy to report that after running up 23% on the day to .042 and nearly testing the 200DMA followed by a consolidation, it managed to close at .0325 on its highest volume since early April.

That makes the third major spike we’ve seen from IWEB in just under a month and every time, we’ve been ready and waiting to pounce on each bounce, because the trend is our friend! It’d be a good idea to monitor IWEB for higher lows and higher highs in anticipation of a possible fourth run from the stock in as many weeks.

Side Notes: Earnings Gap-Ups

Groupon, Inc. GRPN
Groupon earnings have the stock looking like a gapper this morning- We’ve been monitoring GRPN on our extended watchlists over the past few months, putting the stock on watch this spring and seeing a subsequent run-up from the 6.00-range to recent levels over $10.

Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA
Another play we’ve mentioned in the past is gapping up on earnings today. What we’re likely looking for in TSLA is a run-up, consolidation, and eventual bounce. Option-trading opportunities may be presented by this one, more specifically in the $140 & $145 Calls.