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IWEB has not left our radar for the past several weeks. Still maintaining support above that key .03-level, we wanted to make sure to make it a point of focus this morning as the company announced the arrival of the next generation of IceWEB product. IceBOX v3.0 is an upgrade from version 2 in practically every way. It increases sharing functionality, virus scanning, and boasts a totally redesigned administrative portal, just to name a few of the improvements.

Click through to the full press release below for a complete rundown of the new device enhancements that will now be part of the IceBOX line.

We’re sure that with the addition of this new hardware to IceWEB’s repertoire, the clientele will continue to roll in, as has been the case throughout our coverage of IWEB.

Take a look at the following video explaining what we like about the IWEB chart conditions.

STERLING, Va., Aug 28, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — IceWEB Storage Corporation – (OTCBB:IWEB) today announced the release and immediate availability of IceBOX v3.0.

Based on feedback from customers and partners around the globe, IceWEB has released the latest software version of its IceBOX product, IceBOX v3.0. The software release enhances the Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization (EFSS) capabilities of IceBOX giving it the most advanced features in its class.

“This release incorporates the feedback and creative input we have been receiving from our IceBOX customers. We are very excited about the increased opportunities available to IceWEB as a result of this major release. Small, medium, and large enterprises all must deal with growing BYOD requirements and IceBOX 3.0, meets those advanced technical and way-of-working demands today,” said Gaurang Mehta, CTO of IceWEB. We will continue to forge the clear and trusted path in the Private Cloud and EFSS markets with IceBOX and other new, exciting solutions to assist our customers with the monumental task of managing their critical enterprise data.” >>> FULL RELEASE

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