Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TWMJF Review & More

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY

We’ve had cause to mention our options idea for INSY every single trading day since we formulated them last Wednesday morning. The stock itself during that span has traded up from a low of 7.64, to yesterday’s impressive new high of 14.00. That’s a gain of 83% in and of itself, and it has really showed some fantastic moves in our options targets, the INSY 01/19 $8-10 Calls.

Despite already providing the chance at gains ranging from 150-350% leading into yesterday’s session, as we mentioned in our premarket report, we were still bullish on the ideas, and were rewarded once again. As INSY roared to its new high on the chart, the following new highs came to our tracked contracts as well. The ranges represent the overall move from our initial alert on Wednesday until the present.

$8 Calls – Range: .90-5.80– Max Gain: 544%
$9 Calls – Range: .60-5.10 – Max Gain: 750%
$10 Calls – Range: .70-4.10– Max Gain: 486%

More Pot Stock Updates

Yesterday morning, we commented on the rapidly intensifying cannabis sector rush, and provided updates on two stocks (ACBFF and TRTC) we highlighted in our “Cannabis Commentary” report on November 7th.

Today, we want to pull two more of the stocks from that report and give updates on the moves they’ve made since then, to illustrate the widespread run on the cannabis sector in general; something we’ve been foretelling for months now.

Aphria, Inc. APHQF – Range: (11/07-Present): 6.1434-17.50 – Max Gain: 185%

Canopy Growth Corp. TWMJF – Range (11/07-Present): 13.0464-28.884 – Max Gain: 121%

Added Note: Aurora also went on to set new highs yesterday, piling on even more to the nice gains we were mentioning in our premarket report:
 ACBFF -  Range: 2.7776-11.80 – Max Gain: 325%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VDSC & Extended Watchlist

ALAS International Holdings, Inc. VDSC

VDSC appeared on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and went on to have one heck of a session. After opening at .0096, the stock surged as high as .0148, for a possible intraday gain of 54% before it receded back to close at .0135. This wasn’t the first time since then that we’ve included VDSC in our extended watchlist. Back on March 11th following a morning alert, the stock was trading as low as .0013, which to yesterday’s high. marks a whopping increase of 1038%

Back in early January the stock made a really impressive move from .0007, to .0093 by the end of the month. We’d like to see that breached resistance level at .0093 hold as future support in the event of a pullback.

Options Trading
We also have FSLR $55 Calls on our radar this morning. They closed at .29 yesterday. We expect the stock to gap up this morning, at which time we will be looking for a dip-and-rip scenario.

Extended Watchlist: