Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HZNP Options Update & More

Horizon Pharma plc  HZNP

Our first idea of the week in yesterday’s premarket report, which was to track the HZNP Weekly $14 and 15 Calls, ended up paying instant dividends. HZNP was coming off of its earnings call as well as highlighting a new 5M share repurchase program.

Both of our targeted sets of contracts experienced significant intraday swing action which traders could have utilized for solid single-session gains. The $14 Calls ran impressively from a low of .88 to a subsequent high of 2.15, for a 144% rip. The $15′s put up a pleasing performance of similar magnitude, trading in a range from .60-1.33, for total possible profits of up to 122%

We identified 16.15 as an indicating point, the breaching of which would signal us to roll up our strike price to $16. That still remains true as we continue along through the week.

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE – Update

We want to provide an update this morning on the recent progress of APRE, which our regular readers will recollect was a point of focus for us beginning a couple of weeks ago. We’ve tracked it over several swings, commenting on the stock’s ability to make volatile moves to the upside. It continues to demonstrate this ability over recent sessions, wherein we’ve observed quite a rush of momentum.

From last Wednesday’s bounce-point of .0188, we’ve now seen a swing of 165% as of yesterday’s new high of .0499 and the stock recorded its highest volume since November. Presently, indicators on the chart seem to be ripe and ready for the possibility of even higher highs. The next key areas of resistance following a nickel are sitting at .08 and .115.

You may also view the highlights of the chart on the following video presentation:

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VDSC & Extended Watchlist

ALAS International Holdings, Inc. VDSC

VDSC appeared on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, and went on to have one heck of a session. After opening at .0096, the stock surged as high as .0148, for a possible intraday gain of 54% before it receded back to close at .0135. This wasn’t the first time since then that we’ve included VDSC in our extended watchlist. Back on March 11th following a morning alert, the stock was trading as low as .0013, which to yesterday’s high. marks a whopping increase of 1038%

Back in early January the stock made a really impressive move from .0007, to .0093 by the end of the month. We’d like to see that breached resistance level at .0093 hold as future support in the event of a pullback.

Options Trading
We also have FSLR $55 Calls on our radar this morning. They closed at .29 yesterday. We expect the stock to gap up this morning, at which time we will be looking for a dip-and-rip scenario.

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APDN, MWIP, ONCY & Extended Watchlist

APDN had an impressive day for the second consecutive session. The stock ran up until it hit a patch of resistance at.295, right where we asserted it would come. When added to Wednesday’s gains, APDN’s performance yesterday brought our total cumulative profits to a possible 44%

The stock has maintained its strength on the chart, as we’ve seen higher highs and higher lows on rather impressive share volume, and nearly $5M in dollar volume.

The next key level that we’d like to see broken through is .2965. As we said yesterday, a break past that level could send us into Blue Sky Breakout mode.



MWIP was added to our extended watchlist yesterday after we observed the momentum it exhibited earlier in the week.

We are no stranger to MWIP, we began following this play back on October 16th when we put out our first medical marijuana roundup report. The stock was trading as low as .0031 at the time, subsequently surging to .005 before it dipped to find support between .0024-.0029.

Yesterday the stock was as low as .0055 and ran as high as .0076, an intraday gain of 38%

The buzz surrounding medical marijuana stocks doesn’t figure to slow down anytime soon, and this play could be headed to pennyland in the near future. The next patch of resistance from here appears to come at .0125. We’d like to see the previous resistance from .0066-.007 hold as support.


Oncolytics Biotech Inc. ONCY

ONCY was another new addition to our extended watchlist yesterday, had a heck of a day, opening at .2.70, and running as high as 3.85 before closing out the day at 3.03 (+43%).


Two days in a row, our selections have provided us with a couple of nice opportunities for profit. As we were saying yesterday morning, you really can’t find the kind of variety of successful plays anywhere else, that we provide here on a consistent basis. Here’s wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend, best of luck to all and happy trading.


Extended Watchlist:

NEOM, UPZS, EGCT & Extended Watchlist

Unique Pizza & Subs Corp UPZS

Yesterday’s session was a significant one for U{ZS, as it opened up and held above the 20, 50 and 100DMA’s. The next patch of resistance is .133, the 200DMA. The previous swing high in June (.16) is another resistance point. With that said, we can realistically see 30-60% on top of the 100% in gains we’ve seen thus far.

At, last week’s opinion was a “100% Sell”, yesterday’s opinion showed “Hold”, and today it has been upgraded to a “40% Buy Rating”

View the video chart we prepared yesterday afternoon here:



NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. NEOM

We’re no strangers to NEOM, having alerted the play as a momentum mover back on March 16th.  That day, it ran from .021-.0585 for a rather impressive single-session gain of 179%Yesterday, the stock enjoyed a similar jolt of momentum, as some bombshell news blasted it up 140%  It is for that reason that we are observing today, and flagging NEOM as a momentum play once again. Any time a smaller company has news involving tech giant Microsoft, you can be sure that an onlslaught of buying will follow.

NeoMedia grants Microsoft worldwide rights to license its patent portfolio

BOULDER, Colo., Aug 21, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM), pioneers in the mobile barcode industry, today announced that it has granted Microsoft a worldwide, non-exclusive, license to NeoMedia’s patent portfolio.

NeoMedia’s IP portfolio, consisting of over 74 patents awarded and pending worldwide, encompasses many mobile barcode implementations used widely across the industry.


Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

EGCT is another stock that we’ve been following closely, had an excellent finish to a great trading day yesterday. It made higher highs and higher lows, breaking key resistance on its second highest volume day yet. Chart indicators appear to be remaining very bullish, so in no way do we want to let EGCT fall off of our radar.


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