MSTG, ACYD, ASYI, AAPT, ANTS & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Mustang Alliances, Inc. MSTG

MSTG made some slow and steady gains on Tuesday, rising 4.8% to a 1.08.

The low following our mention of MSTG on Monday was .98. The gain from there to the 1.08 high falls on 10.4%.

While everyone is used to seeing massive gains from our picks by now, we never sneeze at profits in any amount. A profit is a profit, no matter how modest!

American Community Development Group, Inc. ACYD

ACYD appeared on our watchlist from Monday as well, and the gains yielded by this play were not nearly so modest as those delivered by MSTG.

On Tuesday the stock ran from .005-.013, before closing up 70% at .011. With that kind of close, we are looking for a continuation of momentum into today’s session.


ASYI consolidated this week to .0091, before running 57% intraday to .0143.

There appears to be key resistance points at .0149, .0159, and .02, past which we are looking for a break to new highs.

All American Pet Company, Inc AAPT

AAPT managed a green close on Tuesday, marking its fifth consecutive session of doing so,  The stock is receiving a “Strong Buy” at We entered the mix with AAPT late last week, and have witnessed it run from .0165 to .0398.

Yesterday’s close held above the previous resistance point of .03, a good sign– we’d like to see it continue to do that.

ANTs software Inc.  ANTS

We first alerted ANTS on Groundhog Day as a bottom play trading in the .003 range. By Valentine’s Day, we had seen gains on the order of 500-1000% after the stock ran above .0325.

In the following weeks, after consolidating almost all the way back to its original low, the stock has again shown us bullish patterns, now sitting at .008, just below it 50DMA of .0082. We will be on the lookouot for ANTS to break that moving average, and once it does, additional gains should be in store.

We re-alerted ANTS in the nick of time yesterday. It appeared pre-market on our Extended Watchlist, and enjoyed a 48% gain. The ANTS chart is looking promising as well.

Extended Watchlist

ASYI, AAPT, & Today’s Extended Watchlist


We began monitoring ASYI the last time it had a large volume explosion. On March 20th, we had ASYI on our watchlist, as well as sending out an afternoon update on its progress. That first day alone, we saw the stock run 253%.

We subsequently observed ASYI pull back to .0031, before having a monster day on Monday, and seeing a high of .0149. The gains this time around have amounted to another 380%, and bringing us to a grand total of more than 630% in possible gains in just a 20-day period.

ASYI’s Filing with the Nevada Sec.of State

There appears to be a huge buzz surrounding ASYI, and thus we will continue to keep this one on our radars.

All American Pet Company, Inc AAPT

We first mentioned AAPT on Thursday, and saw the stock trade as low as .0165. On Monday it hit .0398, for a gain of 141%

Both ASYI and AAPT look as if the gains could continue rolling in. At this point we are very close to approaching blue-sky territory. Stay tuned!

Extended Watchlist:

CWET, ANTS, ATRN, BPAX, CRPZ, SUNB | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CWET

Yesterday we stated “Yesterday’s closing momentum is likely to lead to a morning gap-up today, which is often accompanied by a slight pullback, and subsequent leveling off.”  We couldn’t have called that more accurately for you, as indeed that is exactly what took place. There seems to be a huge resistance point at .22, so that should be the threshold we’re looking to cross. Should the stock fail to break that level, we wouldn’t be surprised to see another pullback.

And for those who missed yesterday’s news:

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Feb. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCBB: CWET), (the “Company”) announced the Notice of Allowance of its patent application titled Efficient Energy Conversion Devices & Methods (U.S. Pat. App. No. 13/091,124) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers specific aspects of deploying multiple turbines in a wind tunnel coupled to a novel hydraulic system capable of maintaining high efficiency hydraulic to electric conversion under a wide variance of wind speeds. The ultimate goal is to maximize the capture and utilization of all available wind energy in any given wind tunnel, as well as providing a consistency of power output during any deviations in wind speed. The Company considers this patent to be a “Core Patent” providing a significant barrier to entry for any potential competitor.


ANTS Software, Inc. ANTS

ANTS has been a great stair-stepper of a chart since we got involved, when the stock was trading at under .005. Much like the chart on CRPZ, ANTS has a golden cross in the making, with the 20DMA about to cross above the 50DMA. ANTS also has nice liquidity and recent consistency in its volume. For all these reasons, ANTS’ spot on our watchlist is reserved for the moment.

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN has been a continual winner for us of late; yesterday closing at its high of day. This leads us to believe that this money train is still just chugging along.We’ve already seen 1691% in gains on this beauty. As if that is not impressive enough, it appears as if it wants to gap-up this morning, bringing further gains to the table.

BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BPAX

Despite recent reports of an investigation into suspicious activity surrounding BPAX last year, we are still interested in how the storyline progresses, especially with clinical trials of the company’s products ongoing. The stock appears to be about to gap-up over 50% this morning, which would place our total gains on the stock at more than 200%

Convenience TV Inc. CRPZ

Per a heads-up from one of our subscribers, we first made mention of CRPZ on Feb. 2- at that time the PPS was sitting at .0015.Last Friday we witnessed how volatile CRPZ can swing in the blink of an eye, when a surge in volume hits the stock. A price of .007 was reached on that day for a possible gain of 367%

In October, CRPZ ran from .0014 on the 18th to a high of .0089 on the 20th. (+536%), and in November it ran from .002 on the 16th to .0074 on the 17th (+270%)

As you can see, the 20DMA is rising toward the 50DMA, trying to cross; a bullish indicator, and the Accum/Dist has recently bounced off of a low.  If history is any indicator here, we could really see some more rapid gains in the near future.

Sunbelt International Corp. SUNB

Since our first flag of this play on Feb 9th  it has been a low as .165. Yesterday the stock pushed to .27 before the close at .25 for possible gains between 50-65%We like the trend that we are seeing with regard to the increasing volume, and if the momentum can persist, we could have additional profits in store.