ASYI, AAPT, & Today’s Extended Watchlist


We began monitoring ASYI the last time it had a large volume explosion. On March 20th, we had ASYI on our watchlist, as well as sending out an afternoon update on its progress. That first day alone, we saw the stock run 253%.

We subsequently observed ASYI pull back to .0031, before having a monster day on Monday, and seeing a high of .0149. The gains this time around have amounted to another 380%, and bringing us to a grand total of more than 630% in possible gains in just a 20-day period.

ASYI’s Filing with the Nevada Sec.of State

There appears to be a huge buzz surrounding ASYI, and thus we will continue to keep this one on our radars.

All American Pet Company, Inc AAPT

We first mentioned AAPT on Thursday, and saw the stock trade as low as .0165. On Monday it hit .0398, for a gain of 141%

Both ASYI and AAPT look as if the gains could continue rolling in. At this point we are very close to approaching blue-sky territory. Stay tuned!

Extended Watchlist: