EMWW, IDOI, DOMK & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. EMWW

EMWW first appeared on our watchlists on April 30th at which time the stock was trading around .0059. Next we saw a low of .004. Yesterday EMWW hit .0125, a 213% gain from its low following our alert, and a 112% gain from the alert itself.


IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

Following our first alert of IDOI on Feb 16th, the stock was able to make a run from .37-.56 for a 51% gain. In the beginning of April, the stock found support at .34.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen that IDOI has been maintaining higher lows, and thus we have once again begun to monitor the stock more intently. We should like to see it gear up to take another run at its recent high at .56. That would mark 33% gains from the current level. Past the .56 mark, we would be entering blue-sky territory, and the gains from there are anyone’s guess!

DoMark International, Inc. DOMK

DOMK appeared in both our pre-market and midday reports yesterday, and the stock hit a new high of day at 4.88 going into the close after a day filled with swings and dips. .

The savviest traders could have been in and out several times for gains totaling almost 90%


Extended Watchllist:

IDOI CADY, NURO & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

IDOI is going to be our main focal point heading into the weekend. The chart is still looking ripe, as we’ve pointed out below. At present, we feel that IDOI is as promising a play as any of the other stocks we’ve covered of late.

IDOI has made higher lows for five of the past six sessions, and we’ve noticed increased volume, which are both good indicators.

As you can see there are a few different indications of uptrend on this chart, which has just begun stair-stepping its way up, still with plenty of upside to be had.

Digital Caddies, Inc.

CADY wasn’t a blockbuster on Thursday, however held support at .34, making higher lows than the previous two days. It looks consistent, with the chance to bounce off of its bottom. We would like to see the support at .32 and .34 hold into next week.

NeuroMetrix, Inc. NURO

NURO is just a new bottom play that we wanted to mention quickly this morning. Now trading in the .70’s the stock was recently as high as the 1.40’s, and is just coming off its 52-wk low of .66. We can rarely resist the chance to bring plays near an annual low, as it so often results in successful swing trades. We live for bottom-bouncers!

Today’s Extended Watchlist:

VGTL, IRBL, EFFI & Today’s Extended Watchlist

VGTel, Inc. VGTL

VGTL was a nice addition to our watchlist yesterday, the stock was trading in a tight range between .60-.67 on over 11X it 3mo. average volume, with intraday gains of 8-12%. The stock is receiving a“Buy” Rating at BARCHART, and has made 50% in combined gains over the past two sessions. It will be interesting to see how this stock continues to perform over the next week.

Inrob Tech, Ltd IRBL

IRBL opened at .0069 on Thursday, before hitting a high of .0094, for an intraday gain of 36%. The stock then pulled back to find support at .0037, and close out the day .0039.

Yesterday’s consolidation was not surprising, after all, the stock has made huge moves in the past month, running from as low as .0003 to yesterday’s high, and registering more than 3000% in gains.

EffTec International, Inc. EFFI

EFFI has established a solid base in the .13 range, and has held that for the past seven trading sessions.

This stock is going to be kept on watch as long as the chart continues to shape up nicely, with a golden cross in the making as the 50dma approaches the 200dma. We’re camped out here, monitoring the activity moving forward.

Today’s Extended Watchlist: