SVMI, GRDO, CRPZ, LOGL, OPMG, BPAX | Today’s Stock Watchlist

SaVi Media Group, Inc. SVMI

SVMI has made gains every single day last week for a total of six consecutive trading sessions in the green. The stock hit a high of .015 of Friday, which, from our post-alert low of .006, that’s a cumulative gain of 150%

We like the way that the momentum in SVMI has been increasing, and are eager to see that continue into this week. We are going to take any pullbacks as added opportunity to increase our positions, as we feel that SVMI has value over the longer-term.

Guard Dog, Inc. GRDO

Following a 20% gap-up, GRDO saw a volume surge on Friday, peaking at our previous high of .0009, and closing out the day up 40% at .0007.

We like the look of the chart on GRDO; the MACD is currently kissing and looking for a cross, and the 50DMA recently crossed the 100DMA, rising toward the 200DMA.

Convenience TV Inc. CRPZ

Early in the day on Friday, we saw a selloff to a new low (.001) in CRPZ. Immediately following, the stock surged to find a new high at .007, for a possible intraday gain of 600% on over 10X its 3mo. average volume!

CRPZ is a perfect example of why it seems like a good idea to keep an active watch over the stocks we are monitoring. Our running watchlist has brought us more gems than we can mention in one breath, this time providing the opportunity for savvy traders to make an absolute killing.

Legend Oil and Gas, Ltd  LOGL

LOGL saw gains for all five days last week, totaling 27% for the duration. We have honestly lost track of the amount of recent successful bottom plays that we have executed. LOGL is no exception.

Troubled stocks tend to invoke images of ominous grey clouds–yet time and time again, we’ve made winners out of stocks by finding that silver lining.

Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. OPMG

Speaking of bottom opportunities, we happen to have a new one for you this morning. After doing our routine scans for bottom-plays, OPMG stood out like a four-leaf clover amidst an interminable patch of weeds.

This bottom recovery play made a higher low on Friday, traded uncharacteristically high volume in a tight channel (.0062-.0063).  The RSI appears heavily oversold, giving a strong indication that these are bargain-basement prices.

We want to keep an eye on OPMG for potential profits arising from its recovery.

Today’s Extended Watchlist: