Why is $24B Orphan Drug leader bidding on Assets for this $7M Company?

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Since the Orphan Drug Act was passed in 1983, the global market for development of drugs used to treat rare diseases has skyrocketed.  At that time, drug therapies for such diseases were rarely developed.  That has changed in today's multi-billion dollar market. 

Orphan diseases are often overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry, since there is very little financial incentive to treat illnesses which affect fewer than 200,000 people nationwide.  This includes ailments such as Cystic Fibrosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and Tourette’s Syndrome.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, a $24 Billion dollar Biopharma, has become the Orphan Drug leader with over $1.1 Billion in sales last year.  When the company finds a drug with leading-edge science behind it, they go after it

Savvy investors know just where to look to find the next big drug.  Court filings have revealed that Alexion has just received the winning bid on assets from this $7M microcap company, and Wall Street hasn’t caught on yet….until now


Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LLNKF Special Report

LiteLink Technologies, Inc. Special Report

We’re very excited to bring this report to our readers this morning, due largely in part to our fondness for the space in which LLNKF primarily operates.

Digital wallets and peer-to-peer (P2P) financial services have rapidly hurtled to prominence in the current age of crypto-currencies, and cord-cutting in virtually every facet of modern life. LiteLink’s uBuck™ suite, currently in beta, promises to be a full-featured digital banking solution. Keep reading for more info.

LLNKF also recently acquired 1Shift Logisitics, a self-governing end-to-end logistics management solutions provider, which places the company in the position to take a bite out of another huge industry that only stands to grow in the current era of online transacting and direct-to-door shipment of material goods.

According to Market Research Future, the global e-wallet industry is presently worth more than a trillion dollars, and at a compound annual growth rate of 15%, could be valued north of two trillion in the next half decade. (pictured below)

LLNKF‘s uBuck™ platform is multi-pronged, and based on a prepaid voucher system. It includes the ability to execute fee and commission-free P2P fund transfers, withdrawal of cash from ATMs around the world, bill-pay, and even a specialized black card which can be used for purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted. The associated app, currently in closed beta testing, can manage multiple digital wallets of both fiat and decentralized currencies, and the system is fully encrypted with multiple factor authentication protocols to ensure safety. (Learn More about uBuck)

As far as 1Shift Logistics is concerned, the potential in the supply chain management industry is only as limited as commerce itself. End-to-end logistics requires effective data management and real-time collaboration between all parties involved to ensure a smooth operation. 1Shift, which as we stated was recently acquired by LLNKF, is in the final testing phases of its blockchain-powered platform to address these needs in innovative new ways. (Learn More about 1Shift )

We’re going to be very interested to track LLNKF stock as the company moves from the beta testing phase toward official launch of its two platforms which each operate in vibrant, rapidly growing industries. We encourage all of our readers to merely use this report as a starting point for your own due diligence on the industries mentioned here, as well as LLNKF’s place in those spaces. This is one company and stock that is absolutely dripping with upside potential. 


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LiteLink Technologies Inc. (“LiteLink”) (CSE:LLT) (OTC:LLNKF), a leader in logistics, artificial intelligence and digital payment solutions, announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, uBUCK Technologies SEZC, has signed a Letter of Intent with Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:EGHIF) to be the official payment sponsor at the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo, EGLX, in October 2019. Enthusiast is the largest publicly traded video game media and e-sports company in North America, and owns and operates the largest video game expo in Canada (EGLX). (>>View Full PR)

Please take a couple of minutes to view the following video presentation



Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AMPG Update

Amplitech Group, Inc. AMPG – Updates

We first began covering AMPG at the beginning of April. In the five weeks since then, the stock has made some solid progress on the chart, trading up from a low of .043, to its new high, just reached this week at .055. That’s a solid 28% increase, with no significant pullbacks along the way.

Our interest in the potential of AMPG was obviously justified, but we’re just getting started and we’re as excited as ever. As we’ve mentioned before, Amplitech is in the business of high-end signal amplification technologies with a veritable myriad of applications in a world which is becoming increasingly reliant upon wireless technology.

The transition has already begun- 5G is soon to be the gold standard in wireless communications, and AMPG is among the best OTC stocks we’ve run across to invest in the domestic 5G phenomenon. All of AMPG’s technology is Made in the USA.

With no toxic or long-term debt, and a float of just over 22M shares, AMPG is attractive to traders and longer-term investors alike. With a market cap of just $2.65M along with a pipeline of military-grade RF products and more in development, it’s also safe to say that AMPG is grossly undervalued. The company isn’t just resting on its laurels, either. AMPG recently added a highly experienced investment professional to act as an independent member of the board, chairing several special committees, and free up the CEO to more closely manage the company’s extreme growth potential and execution of strategy.

CEO Fawad Maqbool stated: “I am thrilled to have a seasoned investment banker, entrepreneur and investor such as Wayne committing his time and energy to our emerging company.  He should be invaluable to me in this next phase of our growth as it will allow me to better focus on our products, our customers and the opportunities that are emerging in the industries that we currently serve (custom and standard amplifiers for radar, missile systems, drones and many microwave communications systems), and will seek to serve in the future (innovative power and cryogenic amplifiers for 4G/5G wireless base stations, Wi-Fi for airlines, military jamming, quantum computing, internet of things, cyber security, life sciences and others).”  (>>View Full PR)



For more information visit:

OR CONTACT: Fawad Maqbool, CEO at (631) 521-7831
Twitter: twitter.com/AmpliTechAMPG
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