CWET, SUNB, LOGL | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CWET

CWET continues to make higher highs and higher lows on increasing volume. At the time of our first alert, we pointed out an impending MACD cross. Then yesterday we showedthat it was following through with our prediction. Indeed it had the effect we presumed, at yesterday’s high of .155 we were up 48% from our original flag at .105.We still think that there is additional upside potential in CWET, as you can see, today’s chart is ;looking every bit as ripe as the past couple of days:

Based on the chart alone, we are certainly going to continue monitoring CWET through to next week.

Sunbelt International Corp. SUNB

SUNB is new to our newsletter as of yesterday, and is our first renewable energy play of 2012!

In December, SUNB ran from .10 to 1.00. On the first trading day of the new year, it ran from .19 to .65. This shows us that the stock is capable of large percentage gains in a short time frame.

Yesterday, the stock rose nearly 18% on slightly less than its 3mo average volume.

If there should be any surge in volume, we would expect to see a nice PPS increase, so this is definitely a stock that we want on our watchlist.

The company has some really cool wind and solarĀ  technology that you can learn more about at:

Legend Oil and Gas, LtdĀ  LOGL

LOGL has experienced four straight days of gains since our first call, running from a low of .78 to yesterday’s high of 1.03 reflects a 32% increase.Bottom bounce calls we’ve made recently have been tearing up the charts, and LOGL is no exception. This week alone, we’ve had two new successful bottom plays to add to our already impressive repertoire.

It seems bottom-feeding is our new thing, as we have been sniffing these things out like truffle-hunting dogs, and the prizes we’ve come across are every bit as valuable!

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS


Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

We said goodnight to NSRS on the evening of Jan 6th, as you can see in our Jan. 7th morning report, we stated that it “may be time to consider our exit strategy before this party comes to a close”, and indeed it was. Following our caution alert, the stock fell more than a dollar, not being helped by the Caveat Emptor status being placed on the it by OTCMarkets.ATRN is another huge gaining stock that we are shying away from; we have seen more than 1000% in gains, making this no time to stay greedy. A situation much like NSRS, it may be time to take profits, and call it a day.

Today’s Extended Watchlist: