Solid Ideas Recap

Winning Ideas Recap

We were able to score some nice gain opportunities off of the ideas we presented new for yesterday morning’s premarket report to kick off this short week. 

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA – We placed the BABA Weekly $230-225 Puts on watch, and each contract in the range produced a notable move, which were as follows:

BABA Weekly $230-225 Puts
$230: 7.90-9.02 (+14%)
$227.50: 5.18-6.90 (+33%)
$225: 3.10-5.06 (+63%)

Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. SPCE – We also declared our interest in the SPCE 02/21 $10-15 Calls and despite only a modest jump, they did produce gains, and with a month remaining until expiration there’s more than enough time for us to continue to track these calls for further advances. Here’s what we got out of them so far:

SPCE 02/21 $10-15 Calls
$10: 6.24-7.37 (+18%)
$11: 5.30-6.40 (+21%)
$12: 4.30-5.60 (+30%)
$13: 3.50-4.70 (+34%)
$14: 2.80-3.96 (+41%)
$15: 2.15-3.30 (+53%)


CarSmartt, Inc. CRSM 

We also provided readers with a rare OTC pick in CRSM, which has recently shown signs of bottom bounce activity, as we were mentioning yesterday morning. We got a really solid intraday run out of the stock on our first day of observation.

CRSM surged from a daily low of .024. and hit .042, for a respectable 75% intraday pop. We’ll continue to track its activity in the coming sessions.

Bonus Idea: Speaking of penny stocks, we have a subpenny play that has shown activity off of a dead bottom in recent sessions. We’re going to add TGI Solar Power Group Inc. TSPG to our track list.