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Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. SPCE – Review

Yesterday morning, when we updated readers on the modest gains made by the SPCE options idea we put forth on Tuesday morning, we mentioned the strong possibility of witnessing further gains. We didn’t have to wait any time at all, with the SPCE 02/21 $10-15 Calls really kicking things into another gear yesterday.

The stock itself has traded in a solid range from 16.21 up to a new annual high of 19.84, which works out to a two-day swing of 22% and it enabled the following moves in our highlighted options:

SPCE 02/21 $10-15 Calls
$10: 6.24-10.64 (+71%)
$11: 5.30-9.31 (+76%)
$12: 4.30-8.63 (+101%)
: 3.50-7.61 (+117%)
: 2.80-6.84 (+144%)
: 2.15-6.13 (+185%)

TGI Solar Power Group Inc. TSPG

We handed this subpenny play off to our readers in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and got instantaneous results thanks to a timely PR alluding to a huge contract for the company with the government of the Ukraine. You can find out more on that by clicking the link included with a snippet of the PR below.

As for the stock, yesterday it traded up from .0028 to .0048 for an intraday pop of 71% and we’ll keep an eye peeled on its activity in the coming days on the chance that a more sustained move is in the cards.

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2020 / TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. (OTC Markets:TSPG) (“TGI”), a diversified technology company, today announced that it has received an order for 2,500 FireFly ESV Essential Service Vehicles. The FireFly ESV vehicles will be used in the Ukraine for traffic control, as well as for a wide variety of utility functions. TGI estimates this contract to be valued at approximately $50M… (>>View Full PR)

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