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A Good Day for Puts:  

It was a challenging day for the markets yesterday, as they experienced quite the bloodbath, and that did not bode particularly well for some of our bullish ideas, but fortunately, we had some bears on the docket as well and saw some very nice moves in those. Just the latest example of why we typically try to include a mixed bag of ideas as much as we can.

Our puts from yesterday were the UNFI 10/20 $15 Puts and the THO 10/20 $90 Puts, with the TSLA Weekly $245-242.50 Puts from Monday’s report tacking on some new highs for us as well. So the figures below represent yesterday’s activity on UNFI and THO, while the TSLA numbers reflect a two-day swing:

UNFI 10/20 $15 Puts
 .13-1.60 (+1131%)

THO 10/20 $90 Puts
$90: .85-3.50 (+312%)

TSLA Weekly $245-242.50 Puts
 4.70-7.05 (+50%)
$242.50: 3.74-5.70 (+52%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
MLKN 10/20 $22.50 Calls
COST Weekly $545-540 Puts
SPY 09/27 $426-427 Calls*

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Extended Watchlist: