MINE, STWG & Extended Watchlist

This morning, we’re looking at two unrelated stocks that share an odd sort of connection. We’ve got an mining company-turned-beverage company, and, you guessed it, a beverage company-turned-mining company. We can’t make this stuff up!

Minerco Resources, Inc. MINE
After noticing the MINE making higher highs and higher lows last week, we were prompted to include it in Thurday and Friday’s extended watchlists. At the time, it was trading as low as .0012. MINE continued its uptrend, and went on to close at a high of .002 on Friday, making gains of 67% possible.

Should MINE continue the momentum it built up last week, as indicators seem to suggest, we are going to be looking for a break of resistance at the 200DMA .0025. If it can break past that point on the chart, it could make a run at its previous swing high of .004. We’ve pointed out the key chart aspects in the following video:

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG
Shooting up 900% from our original call of .001 to .011 on Thursday, STWG followed up by having another good session on Friday. After opening up at .009, the stock traded as high .012, a 33% spike.

The STWG chart is still looking pretty good as well. Friday’s session brought nearly 3X its 3mo. average volume, and the RSI is holding above the 50-line and the 50DMA.

Click the image below to view a video of the chart:

Extended Watchlist:
BRND, EEDG, OSLH (All coming off of recent lows)