STWG, TCPS & Extended Watchlist

TechnoConcepts, Inc. TCPS
TCPS has been an absolute juggernaut for us, since we first mentioned it back on May 21st. After trading at .0025, it began an upward climb that astonished even us. After cumulatively gaining over 180% intraday on our first day of coverage, the stock went on to hit .0087 just two days later, pushing our possible gains to nearly 250%

We would continue our coverage, and TCPS would continue its climb, hitting .0421 on Wednesday, an increase of 1600% from the original bottom. That’s where the breakout ended right? Wrong.

Yesterday’s unbelievable .0689 high, marks a gargantuan leap of more than 2650% from .0025 in just seven trading days. Our heartiest congratulations go out to anyone able to capitalize on even a fraction of that.

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG
While we’re on the subject of impressive gains from recent points of focus, STWG hit .011 yesterday, increasing our range of increase to 900% from the low following our original call of STWG at .001.

While these two were not our only big winners of the past week, they are certainly among the biggest. Be sure to catch up with us on Monday as we attempt to continue our recent success.

Extended Watchlist: