OSLH, FNMA, MINE & Extended Watchlist

OSL Holdings, Inc. OSLH
After appearing in our Extended Watchlist yesterday, OSLH went on to have a nice session, opening up at .03, dipping as low as .025, and running as high as .075, before closing at a nickel.Gains of up to 200% were possible, a great first day performance from the stock. At these levels, OSLH is still at a relative lows, having hit prices in the .20’s as recently as the beginning of April.

Moving forward, we’d like to see OSLH get past current resistance at .075, and beyond that, .0943, as a move past these points could signal the start of another breakout.

We put together a video of the OSLH chart as well:

ORANGEBURG, N.Y., June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — OSL Holdings (www.oslholdings.com), Inc. (OTCQB: OSLH) (“OSL” or the “Company”), a developer of technology platforms that enable real-time sales and trend information exchange between brands and retailers, today announced a new Equality Rewards partnership with the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (LAGLCC) (http://www.laglcc.org), the world’s largest organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), and gay-allied businesses, professionals, and individuals, who have joined together to effect positive growth in the workplace. Through its Equality Rewards program, OSL will work with current and new LAGLCC members to offer special discounts and promotions for member organization’s products and services.

Fannie Mae FNMA
After allowing us to rake in substantial gains in recent weeks, FNMA continues to provide opportunities. Following a low of 1.30 observed on Friday, yesterday brought gains of up to 108% as FNMA ran back to 2.70.

The last run Fannie made took us to over 5.00, so we will certainly be monitoring continuously, as the intraday opportunities have been plentiful. A return to the 5-dollar level from here would amount to yet another triple-digit gain, so our eyes will definitely be peeled.

Minerco Resources, Inc. MINE
Minerco Resources, Inc.Minerco Resources, Inc.Minerco Resources, Inc.Minerco Resources, Inc.MINE ended hitting a high of .0032 yesterday, and from our initial alert price of .0011, that marks a gain of 191%

Once MINE failed to hold above the 200DMA of .0025, it was time for us to exit stage left with our tidy profits.

Extended Watchlist: