ECDC, GMXS, ICPA, SLMU & Today’s Extended Watchlist

East Coast Diversified Corp. ECDC

We first mentioned ECDC back on April 11th. At the time, we observed as the the stock rose from .0052 to .0077, for a 48% gain our first day out.

There were also occasions following that date, that the stock appeared on our Extended Watchlist on the 16th and the 19th. It was at that time that we saw a low of .0028.

On Friday, ECDC had risen back more than 110% to close one tick below the high-of-day at .0058. This clearly illustrates our purpose for creating the Extended Watchlist, and why it is so important to monitor ours daily. Times like these are when a back-burner approach suffices, and indeed pays dividends.

Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

On Friday, we mentioned that we like the look of GMXS through short, medium and long term lenses. The chart continues to look quite favorable, with last week producing a nice increase in volume. From our initial alert, Friday’s high (a new 52-wk high) represents a gain of over 50%

All indicators continue to suggest that GMXS is running with the bulls.

GMXS was upgraded to a “100% Buy Rating” on BARCHART.COM, a figure that has increased from 88% in less than a week.

New Website for GMXS:


IC Places, Inc. ICPA

ICPA CEO Steve Samblis appeared in an exclusive interview with our friends over at Stock Traders Talk Radio on Sunday night, so if you didn’t get a chance to tune in, take a listen now by following this link.

ICPA is another stock receiving a 100% Buy Rating on BARCHART. One 100% Rating is rare, but to have two is quite impressive.

Should the 20 and 50DMA continue to climb, ICPA could see a Golden Cross in the weeks ahead. This could facilitate a run to levels previously unanticipated.

As if 3738% from our bottom call at .0008 wasn’t enough (and 1128% from our .0025 alert a bit later), we still think the stock could see additional gains.

Salamon Group, Inc. SLMU

SLMU is an example of a ripe chart if we’ve ever seen one. The PPS is currently holding above all moving averages, as well as a stregthening RSI, and a PPO cross in effect.

Recent news has likely been something of a catalyst with regard to the strength:

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–(Marketwire – April 30, 2012) – SALAMON GROUP, INC. (SLMU.PKNews), a leading edge green energy company, is pleased to announce that it has agreed to expand its ownership of Solar Samoa Ltd. by purchasing the balance of Solar Samoa Ltd., a Samoa-based solar energy company that possesses a pipeline of solar projects that Eco Energy and its partners have been developing. The first Solar Samoa Ltd. project is a 4.5MW project and is expected to generate total first year revenues of approximately $2.5 million US dollars. >FULL STORY


Extended Watchlist: