VPER, ECDC, GMXS & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER has maintained a higher low for the past four trading sessions, and higher highs for three of those four.

We are looking at a very favorable chart, with the stock holding above the 50DMA yesterday, and the RSI just climbing above 50.

The 20DMA of .0038 is the next key resistance point we’ll be looking to break.


DETROIT, May 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Viper Networks, Inc. (Pink Sheets:VPER), is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. David Alpert of Prestige Business Management, Inc. of Nevada, to supervise and complete the last two fiscal years of the Company’s financials ended December 31, 2011. >> FULL STORY


East Coast Diversified Corp. ECDC

ECDC is a stock that has been rocking on the heels of our alerts.

It continued to explode on Monday, trading over 6X its 3mo. average volume. The 20DMA breached the 50DMA as well. We like the makeup of this chart.

With the type of momentum flowing through ECDC at the moment, we are hopeful to see more gains here. Should it break past a penny, there looks to be little resistance on up to .02.


Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

After hitting a new ten-cent 52-wk high yesterday, GMXS pulled back to find support at its 20DMA.

Closing down a mere 3% is nothing next to the five straight days of gains provided by this stock every day last week.

The chart is still looking strong. Building volume, accum/dist continuing to rise, and a recent MACD cross are all bullish indicators.


Extended Watchlist: