DVLP Recap, Fresh Options Ideas

Options Review:

Our fresh options ideas in our morning report yesterday were the DRI 04/16 $135-140 Calls and the RH Weekly $510-502.50 Puts. We picked them off of the daily earnings calendar, and were met with significant gain opportunities as a result.

In the case of RH, the potential profits came shortly after 10 o’clock, and the lowest target in our selected range did not see much activity, but the chances were there nonetheless and a couple of them reached multibag status. The DRI contracts were in full-go mode, as Darden stock shot up more than ten dollars from 134.19-144.90.

DRI 04/16 $135-140 Calls
: 3.20-11.06 (+246%)
$140: 2.40-7.50 (+213%)

RH Weekly $510-502.50 Puts
$510: 8.64-17.28 (+100%)
$507.50: 5.23-8.60 (+64%)
$505: 4.01-10.38 (+159%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY Weekly $398-399 Calls 
TIGR 04/16 $17.50-20 Calls
TLS 04/16 $35-40 Calls  

Golden Developing Solutions, Inc. DVLP – Recap

We included DVLP in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and the stock rose to the occasion with a very nice intraday run. We saw it jump from a low of .005, smash through the penny barrier, and go as high as .0144. That worked out to total possible gains of 188% on the day.

It also turned out to be the single highest daily volume in the entire history of the stock. With that kind of activity, we’ll certainly want to continue to reserve it a spot on our watchlist.

Extended Watchlist: