Options Ideas, Bearish and Bullish

Adobe Inc. ADBE – Options Recap:

Despite a major selloff for the markets along with most stocks yesterday, we did see some impressive intraday moves from our selected options targets in the Adobe chain. We highlighted the ADBE Weekly $457.50-465 Calls, and those saw some significant intraday moves from around 10:15 to 11:30AM.

In a recent consensus of more than a dozen analysts, ADBE was given a 90% Buy Rating, so we won’t rule out the possibility of seeing another significant swing, especially if this trading week pulls itself out of the mud by tomorrow. The company also raised its Full Year 2021 guidance, so it’s quite likely that we will be revisiting ADBE once again in the weeks and months ahead.

ADBE was the major point of interest for us in what was a relatively rocky session as a whole, and those ideas afforded us the following intraday gain possibilities:

ADBE Weekly $457.50-465 Calls
$457.50: 2.62-6.50 (+148%)
$460: 1.92-4.65 (+142%)
$462.50: 1.51-4.14 (+174%)
$465: 1.06-3.16 (+198%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ve also got a couple of fresh ideas based off of the earnings calendar. We’re going to look at next months calls for DRI and some weekly puts on RH.

DRI 04/16 $135-140 Calls
RH Weekly $510-502.50 Puts

Extended Watchlist: