Continued Options Trading Excellence

A Mistake Free Wednesday: 

We offered up a set of four possible options trading ideas in our premarket report for yesterday morning, all of which went to the bullish side of the street. Thanks in part to a strong session for the markets in general, we scored another clean sweep, with every target we designated for observation logging  significant movement and opportunities for traders.

Our interests for the day were the KBH 01/20 $34-35 Calls, the SPY 01/11 $391-392 Calls, the TSLA Weekly $120-122 Calls, and the BBBY Weekly $2.50 Calls. As we said, they all went for nice daily runs, and in the case of Bed Bath & Beyond, even a play on the stock itself was a possibility as it traded up from 2.41 and went on to hit a high of 4.50 (+87%). Here’s how those options plays shook out for the session:

KBH 01/20 $34-35 Calls
2.07-2.81 (+36%)
$35: 1.45-2.10 (+45%)

SPY 01/11 $391-392 Calls
1.27-4.56 (+259%)
$392: .76-3.84 (+405%)

TSLA Weekly $120-122 Calls
3.80-7.30 (+92%)
$121: 3.30-6.55 (+98%)
$122: 2.82-5.85 (+107%)

BBBY Weekly $2.50 Calls 
$2.50: .24-1.12 (+367%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 01/12 $395-397 Calls
TSM Weekly $82.50-85 Calls
CRWD 01/27 $98-99 Calls 


Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. KNOS – We had a standout OTC play jump off of yesterday’s extended watchlist to make a nice intraday move for us. We signaled interest in KNOS, which ran from a low of .0169 up as high as .0279, which marked a respectable intraday rise of 65%

Clovis Oncology Inc. CLVSQ – Also in yesterday’s report was a tag of CLVSQ, which made a really nice multibag run from .0712 -.189 for us on the day. That represents a move of 165%

Extended Watchlist: