Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Momentum Play & More

Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. VLNX

We’ve got a sub-penny momentum play on our hands this morning in the form of VLNX. This volatile trader has been swinging violently over the past few months, sometimes more than a hundred percent at a time.

We’re going to have our eyes on VLNX as we close the book on another trading week; the stock came from beneath .001 yesterday and began to run, hitting a daily high of .0017. As you can see on the included chart below, a move past that point would open the door on much larger gains.

When VLNX has surged in recent months, it has routinely peaked in the .002-.004 range. A run back to those levels from here would provide a good chance for quick profits, and chart indicators are showing a forthcoming spike to be a distinct possibility.

FTE Networks, Inc. FTNW

We saw some action from FTNW after including it in yesterday’s report, as the stock offered up the opportunity for modest gains on the order of 23% intraday from .0303 to .04.

While the chart data shows that the stock hit highs in the .055-.065 range, those were what we refer to as “fat-finger prints”; blocks of such small volume so as to make them insignificant, since it would have been impossible to exit any sizable position at those prices.

Still, gains of up to 23%, which were possible, are nothing to thumb your nose at.

Extended Watchlist:
SGMS, ARNA, FSI, ARRY, PBR($16 calls for next week)