AAPT, EMWW & Today’s Extended Watchlist

All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

It never seems to be very long in between big winners for us, and we had yet another one in the form of AAPT on Wednesday. We like to follow our friends over at Penny Stock Rumble, and yesterday we landed ourselves atop their gainers ranking for our call of AAPT.

We’ve followed this stock since April 5th, The first run following that alert yielded a 141% gain from .0165-.0398. It then found support near our initial alert price at .015. Yesterday, another surge took the PPS on a ride from .028-.048, for a gain of 71%, which was not surprising considering the amount of press we’ve seen recently:

All American Pet Company, Inc. Announces the Addition of 16 New Sales Personnel to Its Present National Sales Force

All American Pet Company, Inc.(TM) Introduces: MUTT – Great Food For Great Dogs(TM)

All American Pet Company, Inc. — Innovative Developer of Wellness Products for Dogs — Is Pleased to Report PAWtizer(TM) Goods Are in Transit Again

In addition to a virtual slew of related news, AAPT is currently receiving “100% Buy” Rating @ BARCHART.COM


EMWW turned in another solid performance yesterday, closing out the day at Tuesday’s high of .0125. As we stated before, we could see a Blue-Sky Breakout from EMWW if it should break resistance here at .0125.

News out this morning could be a push in the right direction:

Bohemia, New York, May 23, 2012—Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. (OTC Markets: “EMWW”) announced that it has completed a  restructuring of the company, become current on its filings, and is in final negotiations to acquire a profitable revenue producing company. They further announced that as part of the restructuring of the company and completion of the acquisition, a new management team will be put into place.

The new filings are an Initial Issuer Disclosure Statement with OTC Markets, as well as the necessary disclosure for the Quarter ended March 31, 2012.  As a result, Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. is currently listed as “OTC Pink Current Information.”  The company also plans to complete an audit and become a fully SEC reporting company by the years end.

Extended Watchlist: