ATYG, CBIS, SEFE, AAPT, GMXS | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Atlas Technology Group, Inc. ATYG

We were able to squeeze quite a performance out of ATYG yesterday. The stock saw an early low of .0027, and subsequently reached a high of .0063 around midday. In its first ever appearance in our newsletter, ATYG registered a whopping 133% intraday gain!

As this short week comes to a close, we will be interested to see how ATYG fares. The stock held 50% of the day’s gains(.0046 close), often a bullish indicator.

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

CBIS performed well for us this week, running from as low as .14 to a high of .171, for a two-day gain of 22%

We like the way this is setting up for next week, so we will definitely continue to monitor CBIS moving forward.


This was another stock that turned in a positive performance for its first day on our watchlist.

SEFE was as low as 1.10 on Wednesday, then hit 1.20 for a shot at a modest 9% gain. The stock closed near its HOD at 1.19.

All American Pet Company, Inc AAPT

AAPT has been on a wicked run since late-Jan./early-Feb. The stock has made a run from .0009 to .02 in the recent past (over 2000% gained)

The stock was up over 70% on the day yesterday, and while the stock has already experienced significant appreciation of late, it is still sporting a chart that looks ripe for the picking, and we’ve outlined with the following video chart presentation.


Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

We first mentioned GMXS on 03/21, with the stock trading as low as .062 following that alert. Since that time, we’ve witnessed the high at .082 (+32%). Over the past week, the stock has built a higher level of support in the .07’s.  We’ve prepared a video chart for this one as well.