Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing Yesterday’s Winners & More

Axion Power International, Inc. AXPW

AXPW ensured that we started off the week with a bang yesterday with a monumental single-session performance. We placed it in our morning report after a routine scan showed some abnormally high premarket volume, and it essentially spent the entire day bulling its way to new highs.

From an early low of .0421 the stock would ultimately reach a share price of .159 just prior to the close. That worked out to an intraday rip totaling 277% on record volume.

AXPW closed just two ticks below its high-of-day at .157, and with this kind of frenzied momentum, we’ll be certain to follow the activity as things kick off today.

The stock has traded as high as .2601 in this morning’s premarket, extending the total move we’ve seen in a 24-hour period to 518% There’s a very good chance that the run-up will catalyze significant profit-taking, which will ultimately lead to an opportunity for us to time the bottom, and play the rebound.

Huge congratulations go out to any of our readers who were able profit from AXPW as a result of our premarket alert!

Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd. IGEX

IGEX was another stock from yesterday’s new watchlist that also did extremely well, becoming the second multi-bag gainer before the day was through . We referred to it as a “super-sub-penny momentum play”, and the momentum certainly was sustained throughout the day.

From its daily low of .0006, the stock barreled its way up to close at its high-of-day at .0013; an intraday run of 116% which occurred on volume that approached 10X the monthly average.

Like the aforementioned play, we’ll remain vigilant for the possibility of continued momentum and/or a subsequent dip-and-rip scenario of which we can take advantage.

Amedica Corp. AMDA was the other notable intraday gainer from yesterday’s newsletter. AMDA made a strong move from .40 to .497, which represents an increase of 24%

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

This stock is an old favorite that we’ve tracked to some very nice gains in the past. We want to draw attention back to it this morning as it is beginning to show signs of life after a months-long consolidation beat the stock back to new 52-week lows. We always like to monitor stocks coming off of annual low-points; very often they lead to excellent chances on the rebound.

The stock ran hard into the close yesterday on extremely heavy volume, so we’re going to we’re going to tag FREE as a momentum/recovery play, and watch it intently as we head into mid-week. .

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Thursday’s Top Movers, FCGD Update & More

First Columbia Gold Corp. FCGD

After zeroing in on FCGD in yesterday’s premarket report, the activity that followed was encouraging. The stock traded up on light volume, to the tune of a 30% intraday jump from .075 to .098; a good indicator of the kind of reactions and potential gains we can expect from it moving forward. Any increased buying pressure has a chance to produce price increases even more drastic than what we saw yesterday.

Don’t forget that we conducted an exclusive interview with FCGD’s new CEO Jason Castenir yesterday through our sister site, Stock Traders Talk. Follow the link above or the graphic below to hear over 20 minutes of exclusive content on FCGD straight from the source.

Here we point out a few of the key highlights of the FCGD Chart:

or connect with FCGD on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Metalico, Inc. MEA

With our primary focus being on FCGD yesterday we didn’t have a chance to congratulate our members who were able to take advantage of one of our ideas from the prior session. After we caught MEA on Wednesday’s Extended Watchlist, the stock blasted off from a low of .381 all the way .667, a solid 75% intraday run.

Yesterday the stock fell back to bounce off of support at .53 and made a modest rebound to .59.

Winners From Yesterday’s Stock Tracker

We try to remind our readers as much as we can, that whether you’re a subscriber to our daily email reports, or view our content on Third-Party websites, that it’s always important to check our blog at Blue Horseshoe Stocks on a daily basis.

Yesterday provided a good example of why; with our main attention going to FCGD, the additional symbols on our radar that would normally go into an Extended Watchlist, were relegated to the sidebar tracker on Blue Horseshoe Stocks, as pictured in the following snapshot taken yesterday afternoon:

As you can see, anyone who visited our page during the day yesterday could have caught any one of a number big movers:

FRAZRange: .11-.49 – Max Gain: +345%
HKUPRange: .0026-.0094 – Max Gain: +261%
BANJ Range: .185-.39 – Max Gain: +111%
CDTIRange: 2.22-3.98 – Max Gain: +78%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO Follow-Up

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We’re touching base with PZOO once again this morning. We brought it into the fold last Monday while the stock was trading at a low of .0225 and not only has it brought us a couple of quality chances for swing trades, it has held its ground extremely well over the past week, and has begun to spike once again.

Over the few sessions prior, PZOO had toyed with resistance at the 200DMA (.0339), and yesterday it managed to close above that mark for the first time. As usual, moving forward, we want to see that previous resistance level hold as future support. We’ll want to see the stock maintain above a minimum of .0261. From where it stands now, we’re looking at the next key resistance points coming up at .05 and .065.

If you didn’t catch our initial report on PZOO last Monday, we suggest taking a look at that to learn about the company’s online health and wellness portal, as well as the involvement it has in the cannabis sector. >> View PZOO Report

There has been two new statements issued by the company over the past couple of days that we’ll pass along here:

Yesterday PZOO announced that it was a main sponsor at the Just Jersey Jazz and Food Truck Festival on Sunday October 19th at Horse Shoe Lake in Succasunna, New Jersey >>> Click to View PR

This morning we’ve learned that PZOO has increased its stake in the medical marijuana testing labs by 10%, effectively creating a controlling interest for itself in the company currently running the project >>> Click to View PR

Also, take a look at this video chart update we put together on PZOO:

For More Info Check Out PAZOO.COM

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