Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MDCN Recap, Options Idea & More

Medican Enterprises, Inc. MDCN

In yesterday morning’s premarket report we took note of MDCN’s rebound off of a relative bottom, and speculated that the momentum built up in Tuesday’s session could carry over into added gains.

That certainly proved to be the case, as MDCN spiked heavily from its early low of .0024, running as high as .0039 shortly before 11:30AM. It marked an intraday move which provided gain opportunities of up to 62% before pulling back into the close of .0022.

We’ll go ahead and monitor this one for the remainder of the week for any potential bounce-play chances that might arise when it finds solid support. We’ll look for that to occur at or above Tuesday’s low of .0015.

Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ISIS – Options Idea

ISIS appears to be in full-on breakout mode this morning, and as a result we thought we’d formulate an idea to take advantage of this via the options chain.

Given the current price and conditions caused by this morning’s catalyst (link to PR below), we’re going to be tracking the activity in the Weekly $70-73 Calls for potential intraday flip opportunities.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CDTI Recap & More

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. CDTI

Jumping off of yesterday’s extended watchlist was CDTI, which made an early run which could have been milked for noteworthy intraday gains. The stock surged out of the gate in a range from 2.27-3.38 within the first 20 minutes of trading; that was good for profits of up to 49% for the quick-witted trader.

The run came in conjunction with a PR containing positive trial results from the company’s “Spinel” clean emissions exhaust technology >>Read PR

We’ll continue to monitor CDTI’s progress as the week progresses, especially as it searches for support on the heels of yesterday’s early spike. There could be some bounce-action forthcoming.

There’s also more news hitting the wires today highlighting an underwritten public offering, the net proceeds of which will reportedly be in excess of $4.5M. >>Read PR

Coates International, Ltd. COTE

We made yet another early call in our Skype-based trader’s chatroom yesterday in the form of COTE. Just a few minutes into the session we tagged the stock, and from a low of .0025 it absolutely broke out to a daily high of .0165. That’s an epic mega-move of 560%

Those who missed out on the intial pop could have utilized several subsequent swings of serious stature; COTE logged moves from .0103-.014 (+36%), .007-.0105 (+50%), and .0078-.01 (+28%).

We’d call that a darn good reason to get involved with our chats, but it isn’t the only one we’ve given recently.

We were just reminding our readers the other day about joining in our daily chats after we called AURI in the room last Thursday, and that idea actually led to a multi-day, multi-bag run from that stock. We’ll be looking for similar activity from COTE, staying open to the possibility of a dip-and-rip scenario following a consolidation off of yesterday’s huge spike.

Once again, if you want to get in on our chats, all you need to do is send a Skype Contact Request to ‘stocksumo’. All of our readers are more than welcome to participate, and it will prevent you from missing out on prime chances like this one!

New Options Ideas

We thought we’d also provide a few new options ideas for the first time this week. We’ve got potential short and longer-term possibilities to suggest:

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR –  This old favorite always seems to produce for us, and after sizing up the chart (snapshot below), we like the current landscape, provided it can continue to maintain support at or above the 50DMA of 8.44. In the short-term, we’re looking at the Weekly PBR $8.00-9.00 Calls. For a potential extended idea, we’ll be tagging the August $10.00-11.00 Calls for observation.

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD – LNKD is another repeat-appearance options play for us. Today we’re going to be keeping watch over the Weekly $205.00-212.50 Call range, and for our longer-term watchlist, the August $220.00-230.00 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:
MNOV, RXII, AGEN, PBMD, DNRG(>>Interesting PR)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Update & More

Apple Inc. AAPL – Options

We once again found a way to leverage AAPL’s current uptrend to our advantage yesterday using the options chain. Just to refresh people’s memories, the idea we highlighted in our premarket report was to monitor Weekly Calls in the $130-132 range.

As AAPL pressed to a daily high of $133.13 we saw significant action in both the $131 and $132 Calls. The $131’s dipped as low as 3.60 before running to a subsequent high of 4.50, for an intraday move equaling 25%, and the $132’s made a nice spike from 3.10-3.88; also a 25% swing.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also want to mention the performance of PZOO which surged to a new high of .0204 yesterday. In the video charts we’ve published on PZOO over the past couple of trading days, we mentioned that the 200DMA of .0204 should act as key resistance, and that’s where yesterday’s intraday run topped out. From a morning low of .0177, it marked a 15% jump.

From our observed low of .0049 on April 6th, PZOO’s new high marked an overall increase of 316% We stated this week that we want to see the stock maintain support in the channel between .011-.014, and that remains true today.

Any way you slice it, PZOO has performed admirably in the month of April.

Netlist, inc. NLST

Hitting our scanner this morning is a stock that has been in a steady downtrend for quite some time, which is gapping up in the premarket on the heels of an early PR linking the company to LG Electronics.

NLST has spent the better part of the last three months bottoming out, and the stock just set a new 52-week low yesterday. This is exactly the type of play that we like to monitor, as it gets kicked up off of annual lows.

Other Notable Gainers From Yesterday’s Watchlist

We’d also like to highlight two other plays that appeared in yesterday’s premarket report that provided opportunities for our readers.

SYMX traded in a daily range from 1.65-2.10, an increase of 27%

CANF rose from a low of 2.61 to hit 3.57; an intraday move of 37%

Extended Watchlist: