SNPK, TFER, VPER, VGTL & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc.SNPK

SNPK has another nice performance yesterday, hitting a high of .72, and closing out the day at .6999. That brings our total percentage gains close to triple digits; anywhere from 85%-90% since we initially alerted SNPK on March 8th.

Titan Iron Ore Corp. TFER

TFER is new to our radar as of this morning; we like the stair-stepper of a chart on TFER.

We’ve noticed that there have been 4 Form-4’s filed by company officers since December, showing a large amount of insider buying.

We couldn’t be more excited about the chart. The MACD is getting ready for a cross, and the RSI is rising toward the power-zone.

The main resistance point should be its last high of 1.81, and we feel that past that point, we could be looking at gains upward of 25% from yesterday’s closing price of 1.45.

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

Here’s another new stock with a really nice chart. The stock made a move from .000-range in Jan. to .008’s in a short period of time. Since then we’ve seen a consolidation. The stock experienced a huge bounce on Monday as the stock made nearly a 100% swing from .0014-.0027.

We are watching over the impending cross of the MACD and a reversal on the histogram.


VGTL has also been on our radar since the 8th. We’ve seen a couple of opportunities since to flip this stock, and it looks like today could be another opportunity to exit our position with a profit, based on the promotion that hit inboxes last night.

We were the first to this party, mentioning the stock to you long before any promotions took place. Could MELY be the next big play that is flying under the radar, and destined for a big promo?

From sub-penny to 2.00 stocks, where else can you find a newsletter that brings you as many winners as we have been bringing? This is evidenced by our swelling ranks, and a ton of positive feedback. Feel free to send us a line of your own any time, we are always happy to interact with our audience!

Today’s Extended Watchlist: