SPWR, BIOF, PEIX & Extended Watchlist

SunPower Corp. SPWR

SPWR made a move of over 20% yesterday, so we wanted to add it to our watchlist today. We like a good alternative energy play, especially the way a hot-trading big board in the sector can influence the performance of other related stocks. We find that traders tend to follow the natural trends in the alternative energy field, so today, in addition to SPWR, we will be focusing on a few other energy stocks that could be in for a price boost.


BioFuel Energy Corp. BIOF &  Pacific Ethanol, Inc. PEIX

We’ve grown accustomed to mentioning these two stocks in the same breath. These ethanol plays have brought us several rounds of gains in the past, and they tend to trend together. With SPWR running yesterday we were sure to direct our attention toward BIOF and PEIX as well, and sure enough, both finished out the day in the green.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

PLUG is an energy play that went on an extreme backslide yesterday, tanking to .12 from the previous day’s close at .25. While remaining very cautious, there may be a bottom-bounce opportunity with PLUG, so we are presenting it today as a potential recovery play.



For a more in-depth look at another alternative energy sector, solar power, head over and take a look at this message board which discusses a lot of different solar stocks.

Extended Watchlist: