Blue Horseshoe Stocks: QIHU Update & More

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. QIHU – Options
  On Tuesday, we floated a few options-trading ideas for QIHU, which had been trading up off of its recently registered annual lows in anticipation of the company Q4 earnings call. Despite positive figures the stock trailed off, however it reversed itself yesterday, lending strength to our short-term options targets.

We outlined our interest in the QIHU Weekly $48-49 Calls, and both sets of contracts enjoyed highly notable gains as QIHU traded in a range from 45.17-47.22. As a result, the $48’s increased from a daily low of .35 to as much as .75, marking a move of 114%

The $49’s fared quite well also, rising from a low of .25 to a subsequent high of .42, for total possible intraday gains equaling 68%

While our longer-term idea of the 03/27 $50 Calls were still too far from the money to begin a move of their own, we’re going to continue monitoring those over the next few weeks as the stock may not yet be done trending up. One particularly apt outlook report on QIHU comes from UBS analysts, who recently upgraded their price target for the stock to $85/share.

Added Note:

This week has been a good one with regard to stocks being discussed in our trader’s *chatroom, and serves as a good example of why we invite our readers to participate.

First, Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH, which ran an incredible 483% after one of our members brought it forth on Tuesday, we saw some of that momentum carried into yesterday. Starting out the day at .0237, the stock spiked to a subsequent high of .042 for an intraday gain of 77% before consolidating into the close.

Also a topic of conversation in our *chatroom yesterday was Hear AtLast Holdings, Inc. HRAL, and it too caused quite a stir on its chart. From an early low of .0014 (9:34AM EDT, two minutes after we tagged it in the room), HRAL rocketed its way to a high of .0055; a 293% intraday rip!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: JDST Review, Options Ideas & More

Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bear 3X ETF (JDST)

We highlighted JDST in Friday’s morning report, and on that day we observed a low of 11.40 following a gap-up. Bolstered jobs numbers and the continued strength of the dollar combined with a lag in gold prices fueled the beginning of what has turned out to be a solid run for this ETF.

Yesterday, it continued its uptrend, breaking through the 200DMA (14.46) and reaching as high as 14.50. That translates to a respectable two-session increase of 27%

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the spot price of gold which is currently holding support off of three-month lows, and urge caution moving forward. A significant rebound would effectively spell the end of JDST’s current momentum.

Vencor International, Inc. VCOR

We’re also taking notice of VCOR this morning on the heels of a premarket PR alluding to a massive 40% reduction of its authorized common stock. VCOR has recently been rebounding off of its lowest price in more than four months, and it’s possible we’ll see a continuation of that momentum as a result of today’s announcement.

Vencor Announces Reduction of 2 Billion Authorized Shares (Tue 8:30AM EDT)

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. QIHU – Options Ideas

We’re catching QIHU in the midst of a morning gap-up today following the company’s post-market earnings beat yesterday. It’s leading us to formulate a couple of options-trading ideas that we’ll share with you now, along with a snapshot of the current chart to help illustrate the opportunities it presents.

The stock itself is coming off of a recently established 52-week low, which in and of itself is a phenomena for which we’re constantly on the lookout.

For a possible short-term swing trade opportunity, we’ll be monitoring the QIHU Weekly (03/13) $48-49 Calls. We’ll also be keeping watch over the 03/27 $50 Calls (Last Trade: 2.22) for a longer-term possibility.

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