Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MJMJ, MEET Recaps & More

MeetMe, Inc. MEET

we tagged MEET for the first time since last year, and our timing in turning our attention back to it was excellent. On the strength of improved Q2 guidance published in a premarket PR, the stock made a healthy intraday move.

From a morning low of 1.66, MEET went on to hit an even 2.00 high toward the end of the session; a 20% swing. Volume was excessive, on the order of roughly 22x the 3-month average. Ideally, we need to see MEET maintain support at or above the new 200DMA of 1.74 on any pullbacks in order for us to remain interested.

The MaryJane Group, Inc. MJMJ

At the end of last week we were monitoring MJMJ for a bottom, After coming up off its bottom on Tuesday and providing us with a quality  opportunity, MJMJ continued to perform well with a nice intraday surge.

The stock made its way from an early low of .0036, and managed a subsequent high of .0055; a hefty 53% move.

From our observed low of .0027, we’ve seen an overall increase of 104% over a period of just a few sessions. With many cannabis stocks beginning to show increased signs of life lately, we’ll be sure to continue monitoring this play and others in the sector.

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. CBLI

We want to keep an eye on CBLI after this morning’s big announcement (link below), which has essentially caused the stock to enter into Blue-Sky Breakout mode this morning, cracking through its 200DMA of 5.35 in the premarket. If it can maintain that 200DMA as support on an early pullback, we could see added increases.

Regardless, whenever we run across a stock in this position we’re always on the lookout for dip-and-rip scenarios to occur after a consolidation. It’s a pattern that we’ve seen played out time and time again.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We also noticed a PR published on PZOO for the second consecutive day. After yesterday’s big announcement that the company had fully acquired MA & Associates’ marijuana testing business, today we learned that the company’s other subsidiary has signed a new, potentially lucrative distribution agreement.

Pazoo is another company that falls under the category of those doing everything they can to capitalize on the ever-expanding marijuana sector. It has remained extremely active in pursuing that goal over the entire time we’ve been tracking the stock.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: QIHU Update & More

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. QIHU – Options
  On Tuesday, we floated a few options-trading ideas for QIHU, which had been trading up off of its recently registered annual lows in anticipation of the company Q4 earnings call. Despite positive figures the stock trailed off, however it reversed itself yesterday, lending strength to our short-term options targets.

We outlined our interest in the QIHU Weekly $48-49 Calls, and both sets of contracts enjoyed highly notable gains as QIHU traded in a range from 45.17-47.22. As a result, the $48’s increased from a daily low of .35 to as much as .75, marking a move of 114%

The $49’s fared quite well also, rising from a low of .25 to a subsequent high of .42, for total possible intraday gains equaling 68%

While our longer-term idea of the 03/27 $50 Calls were still too far from the money to begin a move of their own, we’re going to continue monitoring those over the next few weeks as the stock may not yet be done trending up. One particularly apt outlook report on QIHU comes from UBS analysts, who recently upgraded their price target for the stock to $85/share.

Added Note:

This week has been a good one with regard to stocks being discussed in our trader’s *chatroom, and serves as a good example of why we invite our readers to participate.

First, Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH, which ran an incredible 483% after one of our members brought it forth on Tuesday, we saw some of that momentum carried into yesterday. Starting out the day at .0237, the stock spiked to a subsequent high of .042 for an intraday gain of 77% before consolidating into the close.

Also a topic of conversation in our *chatroom yesterday was Hear AtLast Holdings, Inc. HRAL, and it too caused quite a stir on its chart. From an early low of .0014 (9:34AM EDT, two minutes after we tagged it in the room), HRAL rocketed its way to a high of .0055; a 293% intraday rip!

*Want to get involved with our daily trading chats? Simply add “stocksumo” as a contact on Skype and request access. It’s as easy as that!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LPCN Recap, LPDX & More

Lipocine, Inc. LPCN

LPCN served up an opportunity at some decent intraday gains after appearing on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist.

The stock played out a classic dip and rip scenario, falling to a morning low of 6.89 before surging back in the afternoon to a subsequent high of 8.42. That offered traders a chance at intraday gains of up to 22% on plenty of liquidity- the stock would trade 23.5X its 30-day average volume.

The productive session came on the heels of the company announcing favorable results from Phase-3 clinical testing of “LPCN 1021”, its oral treatment for low testosterone >>> VIEW PR

LipoScience, Inc. LPDX

LPDX is gapping up heavily in the premarket, and the interesting story behind it is one that we’re definitely going to want to give our close attention. Early this morning, the company announced that it was the subject of a buyout that would be executed at a share price of $5.25. Barely an hour later, another PR hit the LPDX newswire, concerning an investigation of the managerial board’s handling of the deal, and whether or not they have secured the best possible buyout price.

According to the investigative firm leading the case, “The $5.25 per share acquisition price is far less than where the stock has recently traded. In fact, on January 25, 2013, LipoScience stock opened for trading at $9.75 the day the Company sold 5.0 million shares of stock in its initial public stock offering.” >>> VIEW PR

The playing out of this scenario is going to be an interesting story moving forward, which is why we wanted to flag LPDX this morning, and fill everyone in on this morning’s happenings. The possibility that the investigation could lead to a potential restructuring of the buyout is enough to have us keep our ears to the tracks on this one for the foreseeable future.

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. MHR

MHR is another morning gapper that we’re putting on our radars. This morning Magnum announced impressive throughput volumes on its “Eureka Hunter” gas gathering pipeline. According to the CEO, “increased capacity has resulted in a record day of approximately 316,500 MMBtu of natural gas”. >>> VIEW PR

Options Trading Idea: PBR Calls 

We’re interested in the PBR October 31st $15.50 Calls  last traded at 1.88. If we can see PBR make its way back to recent $20+ highs within a month, it could put us in position to see returns of up to 150-200% on those contracts.

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