Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BYD, EAPH, PHOT & More

Boyd Gaming Corp. BYD

We put BYD on our radar back in January, and shortly thereafter, the stock found its way to a low of 9.11. We continued tracking it in February, where it quickly recovered ground and began trending up.

Recently (03/05), the company released favorable fourth quarter and annual financials, the highlights of which included repayment of over $500M in debt, elimination of $60M annually in interest expense, net revs for the fourth quarter increased by almost 10%, and more.

Yesterday we observed a new high of 14.15 from BYD, which represents a gain of 55% from the low we saw roughly six weeks ago.

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. EAPH

Many of our readers will recall, we’ve been on EAPH for awhile now, mentioning it for the first time back on January 8th, catching it at a low of .0041. That subpenny marijuana play would go on to hit ten cents, gaining more than 2300% in roughly a month’s time. After a period of consolidation, EAPH tapered back to .0327 where we would see it bounce.

We mentioned EAPH once again yesterday as part of a joint press release with GLCO, and the stock went on to have a great session, running to .06, an intraday gain of 83%

Check out this video outlining our coverage of the stock:

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

We first began alerting PHOT last summer at a low of .0318, even though our coverage of the marijuana industry as a whole started a year prior, in 2012. After PHOT tacked on more than 100% in gains from August to October ’13, we re-alerted the stock under a dime, reminding our readers that a “Golden Cross” appeared imminent.

The rest, as they say, is history. PHOT has spent the past few months rampaging upwards like an un-caged beast, culminating in a high of .549 during a bang-up session yesterday. For those without a calculator handy, that brings the overall move we’ve seen from PHOT to a staggering 1626%

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