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Target Corp. TGT &
Canopy Growth Corp. CGC – Options Review

As usual, we offered up some fresh options ideas to our readers in yesterday morning’s  premarket report, and unsurprisingly, we saw some very nice moves out of all of them. We had identified potentially attractive targets in both the CGC and TGT chains, and everything worked out in our favor.

Here were the total possible gains that could have been achieved on the day:

TGT Weekly $119-123 Calls
$53 Calls – Range: 1.73-8.20 – Max Gain: 374%
$52.50 Calls – Range: 1.35-7.20 – Max Gain: 433%
$52 Calls – Range: 1.00-6.30  – Max Gain: 530%
$51.50 Calls – Range: .74-5.34 – Max Gain: 622%
$51 Calls – Range: .53-4.50  – Max Gain: 749%

CGC Weekly $15.50-16.50 Calls
$19.50 Calls – Range: .43-2.90 – Max Gain: 574%
$20 Calls – Range: .36-2.37 – Max Gain: 558%
$20.50 Calls – Range: .35-1.99  – Max Gain: 469%

We’re going to stick with both of these chains, but roll up our potential strike prices to stay a little closer to the action. We’ll be tracking the TGT Weekly $126-128 Calls and the  CGC Weekly $18-18.50 Calls.

Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. GRMM – News Update

We also wanted to swing back around to GRMM, a stock that we did an in-depth report on earlier this month. The company has just announced a $2M debt conversion at a premium to market pricing in a move that does a lot to strengthen the company’s balance sheet.

If you have yet to take a closer look at GRMM and it’s kid-safe social media platform, we urge you to click the link above or below and seek out our in-depth report.

Boca Raton, Florida, Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. (OTCQB: GRMM) (“Grom,” the “Company,” “we,” “us” or “our”), a leading social media platform and original content provider for children between the ages of 5 and 16, today announced that it has strengthened its balance sheet through the conversion of $2.0 million of debt to equity at terms believed to be favorable by the Company.

Pursuant to the terms of the transactions, certain of Grom’s noteholders converted $1.8 million of convertible promissory notes into common stock at terms believed to be favorable by the Company, while management converted $200,000 of interest-free loans due from the Company into common stock at $0.175 per share, a premium to the current market price per share. Including this transaction, Grom senior management has converted approximately $1.7 million of debt into common stock since 2018, all at a significant premium to market. (>>View Full PR)


Extended Watchlist:

New Options Ideas & More

Options Review

We want to circle back this morning to update readers on some options ideas we put forth in our premarket report on Tuesday morning. We were interested in tracking the REGN Weekly $317.50-325 Calls and the UBER Weekly $29.50-28 Puts and found solid success in both instances.

Here were the two-day swings made by each contract set in our highlighted ranges, and the total potential profits that were there for the taking:

REGN Weekly $317.50-325 Calls
$317.50 Calls – Range: 11.02-23.00 – Max Gain: 109%
$320 Calls – Range: 5.99-22.65 – Max Gain: 278%
$322.50 Calls – Range: 6.56-17.50 – Max Gain: 167%
$325 Calls – Range: 4.00-18.23 – Max Gain: 356%

UBER Weekly $29.50-28 Puts
$29.50 Puts – Range: 1.27-3.99 – Max Gain: 214%
$29 Puts – Range: 1.01-3.52 – Max Gain: 249%
$28.50 Puts – Range: .85-3.20 – Max Gain: 276%
$28 Puts – Range: .65-2.60 – Max Gain: 300%


Fresh Options Ideas: 

QCOM Weekly $88.50-90 Calls
BIDU Weekly $114-117 Calls
MCD 01/17 $195-220 Calls 

Grom Social Enterprises Inc. (OTCMKTS: GRMM)  

We also want to update readers on the performance of GRMM following the special report we released on the company yesterday morning.

The stock saw a daily low of .105 before running as high as .145. That represents an intraday increase of 38% exhibiting just the type of desirable near-term volatility potential that we described in our initial report. It adds to the excitement of where the stock could go from here. Expect updates to be forthcoming as the situation continues to develop.

>>View GRMM Special Report<<

Extended Watchlist: 


Is This Company the Next Social Media Giant?

Grom Social Enterprises Inc. (OTCMKTS: GRMM)  

We’ve got another special focus report for our readers this morning with GRMM. We’ve done detailed snapshots on all types of businesses over the years, but this might be the first aspiring social media network we’ve covered, and the company has an intriguing niche there, in addition to other exciting aspects as well. Two things we’re always looking for are plays with interesting backstories, and charts with potential. We’ve got both of those boxes checked with GRMM.

Despite an OTC listing, GRMM has been on the OTCQB for 3 years, and enjoys ‘Penny Stock Exempt’ status, meaning it has achieved certain benchmarks that do not fit the literal definition of a penny stock. However, it definitely has the upside volatility potential of a penny stock. But before we get into that, some more detail on what the company does.

GRMM, through its Grom Social, Top Draw Animation, and Grom Educational Services subsidiaries, provides all kinds of offerings for children that are safe and enriching.  

Grom Social is a safe social media platform for kids 13 and under. It is an all kids social media network that is monitored live for safety 24/7, and gives parents full administrative oversight and control by utilizing its safe parenting app “MamaBear”. Grom also gives kids what they want; Snapchat, YouTube and Netflix like features. Grom Social is the only COPPA Compliant (Children’s On Line Privacy Protection Act) App where can kids can safely upload videos and photos like YouTube kids but in a completely safe platform unlike Facebook, TikTok and YouTube Kids.

Grom Social, GRMM has produced over 1250 hours of exclusive children’s streaming (short-form) entertainment content at fraction of the cost if produced outside its own studios. Grom’s subsidiary Top Draw Animation is a first class animation studio in the Philippines with over 500 artists producing some of the most iconic product for the major media and entertainment studios worldwide, such as Tom and Jerry & Jerry for Slap Happy Cartoon, The Hollow, Monster Beach, Jungle George Penn Zero and My Little Pony. Disney Television Animation, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Scholastic and Hasbro Toys are among its prestigious list of clients.

Grom Education Services provides web filtering, online activity monitoring and an educational digital citizenship license course that teaches kids how to be good digital citizens. Since its inception the Company has had over 2 Billion filtered web attempts, by over 2 million children in 1000+ schools.

All in all, GRMM has one of the most interesting and high potential portfolios we’ve run across in an OTC-traded stock in quite some time. Next we’ll illustrate where it stands from a technical perspective.


GRMM Chart:
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We also strongly urge you to view this Interview with Darren Marks, CEO of Grom Social, wherein he discusses the growing user base of the platform with its exclusive streaming content and various kid-safe web and mobile apps.

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