Ending the Week on a High Note, 3 New Ideas

Recapping Wednesday’s Winners:

We’re closing out this short trading week in our favorite way, by reporting another clean sweep of our options trading board from yesterday morning’s premarket report. We had formed five potential plays for our readers’ consideration, and we saw some really nice multibag intraday runs posted. It’s the best way to finish up with the final report of the week, and we hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend!

Yesterday’s runners were the DNUT 04/19 $17.50 Calls, the MRK Weekly $131-132 Calls, the GME Weekly $13-12 Puts, the CTAS 04/19 $660-680 Calls and the NCNO 04/19 $35-40 Calls. Here are the intraday moves they recorded, only a couple of which fell short of the double-bag mark, and with one target actually a exceeding one thousand percent rip on the day:

DNUT 04/19 $17.50 Calls
: .40-.91 (+127%)

MRK Weekly $131-132 Calls
: .36-1.25 (+247%)
$132: .14-.67 (+379%)

GME Weekly $13-12 Puts
$13: .16-.30 (+87%)
$12.50: .06-.12 (+100%)
$12: .03-.05 (+67%)

CTAS 04/19 $660-680 Calls
$660: 12.13-45.60 (+276%)
$670: 7.80-36.00 (+361%)
$680: 2.39-27.15 (+1036%)

NCNO 04/19 $35-40 Calls
: 1.00-2.45 (+145%)
$40: .10-.70 (+600%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/28 $522-523 Calls*
MLKN 04/19 $25 Puts
RH Weekly $325-330 Calls*

*Due to tomorrow’s holiday, ‘weekly’ contracts will expire at market close today. Don’t trade options on their day of expiration unless you are an experienced trader. 

Extended Watchlist:

A Top Shelf Tuesday, 5 New Targets

Tuesday Runners Review:

Yesterday worked out very well in our favor in terms of the options ideas we formulated for our premarket report. We didn’t have a heck of a lot to work with in terms of earnings reporters, but the plays we did find produced excellent intraday performances. In the case of DNUT, the stock posted the largest single session gain and highest volume since its inception. This was on news that Krispy Kreme donuts will now be available at McDonald’s, and it sent DNUT and the targets we had put forth on one heck of a ride!

Yesterday’s interests were the TSLA Weekly $177.50-180 Calls, the MKC 04/19 $75 Calls, and of course the DNUT 04/19 $15 Calls. Here are the big time gains they posted on Tuesday:

TSLA Weekly $177.50-180 Calls
: 2.96-7.66 (+159%)
$180: 1.61-5.76 (+258%)

MKC 04/19 $75 Calls
: 1.20-3.30 (+175%)

DNUT 04/19 $15 Calls
$15: .40-3.20 (+700%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DNUT 04/19 $17.50 Calls
MRK Weekly $131-132 Calls*
GME Weekly $13-12 Puts*
CTAS 04/19 $660-680 Calls
NCNO 04/19 $35-40 Calls

*Due to Friday’s holiday, ‘weekly’ contracts will expire at market close on Thursday

Extended Watchlist:

OTC Plays, Options Ideas & More

Solid Moves in Our SPY, C Calls:

In yesterday morning’s premarket report we were praising ourselves for a clean sweep on our options ideas from Tuesday’s report. We also went on to select fresh targets as we always do, and for the second straight day we swept the board.

Our specific contracts of interest were the SPY 07/14 $436-437 Calls and the C Weekly $69-70 Calls, with intraday moves in both providing ourselves and our readers with some solid gain opportunities on the day.

These are the daily ranges and total possible profits on the table for anyone who caught our morning alert: 

SPY 07/14 $436-437 Calls
 .31-1.09 (+252%)
$437: .13-.36 (+177%)

C Weekly $69-70 Calls
$69: .99-1.91 (+93%)
$69.50: .71-1.40 (+97%)
$70: .57-1.10 (+93%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GKOS 08/20 $55-65 Calls 

CTAS Weekly $370-380 Calls 

Datasea, Inc. DTSS – Recap:

We also will want to continue to keep an eye on DTSS. We tagged this OTC play in our extended watchlist yesterday. The stock posted a fair performance on the day, while trading a massive amount of volume as compared to what is typical for the stock, and is still trending up in premarket trading this morning.

DTSS ran from 3.65-4.45 on the day yesterday (+22%) and today, has changed hands for as much as 5.47. That works out to an increase of 50% and with the momentum building up here, we’re certainly going to want to continue to track its activity.

Extended Watchlist: