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Solid Moves in Our SPY, C Calls:

In yesterday morning’s premarket report we were praising ourselves for a clean sweep on our options ideas from Tuesday’s report. We also went on to select fresh targets as we always do, and for the second straight day we swept the board.

Our specific contracts of interest were the SPY 07/14 $436-437 Calls and the C Weekly $69-70 Calls, with intraday moves in both providing ourselves and our readers with some solid gain opportunities on the day.

These are the daily ranges and total possible profits on the table for anyone who caught our morning alert: 

SPY 07/14 $436-437 Calls
 .31-1.09 (+252%)
$437: .13-.36 (+177%)

C Weekly $69-70 Calls
$69: .99-1.91 (+93%)
$69.50: .71-1.40 (+97%)
$70: .57-1.10 (+93%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
GKOS 08/20 $55-65 Calls 

CTAS Weekly $370-380 Calls 

Datasea, Inc. DTSS – Recap:

We also will want to continue to keep an eye on DTSS. We tagged this OTC play in our extended watchlist yesterday. The stock posted a fair performance on the day, while trading a massive amount of volume as compared to what is typical for the stock, and is still trending up in premarket trading this morning.

DTSS ran from 3.65-4.45 on the day yesterday (+22%) and today, has changed hands for as much as 5.47. That works out to an increase of 50% and with the momentum building up here, we’re certainly going to want to continue to track its activity.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MVIS, IBIO Recaps, Options Ideas & More

Monday’s Watchlist Movers

iBio, Inc. IBIO – A quick search of IBIO in our archives reveals a lengthy history of mentions. We have definitely seen some impressive moves from this play in the past. History tends to repeat itself, and did so once again as IBIO stood out on yesterday’s extended watchlist.

The stock made a solid intraday move, trading in a range from .72-.89. That was good for gains of up to 24%, and the move came on great-than-average volume. We’re going to keep a continued watch on this play; if it manages to break through its recent resistance area around 1.00-1.05, things could get very interesting from there.

Microvision, Inc. MVIS – This one appeared in yesterday’s gap-up watchlist, and it too would make a modest, yet solid move. The stock made a continual move-up in the first two hours of trading, rising from a low of 2.88 to a HOD of 3.44. That marked out an intraday gain of 19%

Morning Gapper Watchlist

These stocks are hitting our scanner today as they gap up in the premarket, and we’ve got options ideas corresponding to each:

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR has released top-line results on one of its studies, noting that the trials have met their primary endpoint. In light of that, the stock is up big in early trading this morning. This is going to be a situation we’ll want to monitor as the session commences.

Options Ideas: ESPR 04/17 $90 Calls (Last traded at 3.50) for a longer-term swing trade idea. For shorter-term day trading opportunities, we can look to play in-the-money Weekly Calls, in the event that any dip and rip scenarios present themselves.


American Airlines Group Inc. AAL announced today that it will now be listed on the S&P 500, and as a result, it’s trading up in the premarket. 

Options Idea:AAL 04/02 $55 Calls (Last traded at .23)


Apple, Inc. AAPL
is also opening up new avenues as it prepares to join the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It will replace AT&T(T) officially at the end of trading tomorrow. It too is gapping up in the premarket.

Options Idea: AAPL 04/02 $129 Calls (Last traded at 1.01)

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH

PPCH had already made a substantial move prior to our mentioning it in our daily report for the first time last Thursday. On that day we would witness a low of .0126, and in the few sessions since, the stock has begun to make yet another run.

Yesterday, PPCH topped out at a daily high of .027, which marks a 114% swing over our observed low.

Extended Watchlist: