Blue Horseshoe Stocks: INTC Recap & More

Intel Corp. INTC

On Friday morning, we saw serious potential in the INTC options chain following the company’s earning beat. They posted solid figures, but some were concerned over the possible security flaws prsent in the company’s new chips. Those fears were shrugged off with ease, as the stock took off for what ultimately turned out to be an exceptionally bullish session.

The move INTC made allowed for the chance at some really nice intraday profits in each of the three contracts we designated in Friday morning’s report, the INTC Weekly $47.50-48.50 Calls.

$47.50 Calls – Range: .75-2.50 – Max Gain: 233%
$48 Calls – Range: .43-1.99 – Max Gain: 362%
$48.50 Calls – Range: .25-1.50 – Max Gain: 500%

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. BLDP – Bottom-Watch

We’re always looking for a good bottom play, and one may be getting ready to present itself in the near future on BLDP. We want to place the stock on intensive bottom-watch in coming sessions, after it appears that BLDP has been the target of manipulative short-seller tactics, including a very likely erroneous class action ‘investigation’ and suit by multiple law firms. We see this type of thing all the time, and very seldom does anything come of such a situation.

What we do have is a stock that has been severely abused, beaten back to a previous multiple bottom of strong support. In a PR published today, the company has refuted the claims of its accusers, while adding that it expects to report record financials for fiscal 2017 presently. (>>View PR)

We’ll be sure to monitor BLDP for a bottom bounce which should be forthcoming at any time, and the subsequent rebound to follow, which could bring us a shot at considerable gains from current levels.

Side Note: We also want to radar Plug Power, Inc. PLUG, as it tends to trade very similarly to BLDP. We’ve traditionally looked at these plays in tandem, so we’ll keep watch over PLUG as well as it comes down to find its own bottom.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VXX Options & More

iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN (VXX) – Options

We were just mentioning our daily live trader’s chats* in yesterday morning’s report, so we thought we’d give our readers another peek into the activity that goes on in the room. Yesterday around lunchtime, as you can see from the included screenshot below, we were observing the market action caused by the FOMC meeting that was in session at the time.

We noticed new highs in the VXX and signaled our interest in the $19 Calls. We also looked at the SPY, which generally trades inversely to the VXX, and alerted on the $207 Puts; both ideas worked quite well. The VXX $19 Calls ran from .49 to 1.52, a 201% intraday pop. The Spy $207 Puts also offered a nice opportunity as they ran more than 130% from the low 1.30’s to over 3.00.

To follow up with these ideas today, based on premarket activity, we are currently anticipating of a reversal from yesterday’s trends and will thus radar SPY $206-207 Calls, and VXX $20 and 19.50 Puts. However, if the VXX were to break its premarket high of 19.70, it would cause us to flip our targets back to the other side of the fence, so we’ll need to be extremely tuned in once the session gets moving.

*For those that didn’t catch yesterday’s reminder- we welcome any of our readers to get involved with our daily traders chats by sending a Skype contact request to ‘stocksumo’.

Avon Products, Inc. AVP

We’re going to place AVP on watch today as well, due to a number of factors. Setting aside the potentiality of an upcoming buyout of its North American business which has met with some resistance (View Article), AVP is setting itself up one heck of a chart. In today’s premarket trading the stock has breached the resistance line we identify on the following snapshot. There appears to be a good chance to see AVP add to its recent gains which have been fairly steady in recent weeks.

Despite public dissent from one of its large stakeholders, it appears that AVP will still attempt to move forward with their exploration of a proposed buyout (View PR), so it will be very interesting to track this play as that story continues to unfold.

Extended Watchlist:
KBIO, MKAU, HCTI, BCCI, AMBS, ABHI (Bottom-bouncer)