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Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL – Options Update

We reported our interest in tracking some BURL options in the wake of a strong earnings report yesterday morning, and signaled the BURL 03/17 $85-95 Calls. Just as we suspected, the boost of momentum from that earnings beat provided the fuel for those contracts to put up some impressive performances on the day.

The possible gains so far, which could be augmented today with another bullish move, were as follows:

$85 Calls – Range: 5.60-10.00 – Max Gain: 79%
$90 Calls – Range: 2.50-5.20 – Max Gain: 1084%
$95 Calls – Range: .71-1.93 – Max Gain: 172%

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

We also want to continue keeping an eye on ICLD, in which volume has been exploding over the past couple sessions as the stock has rebounded off of its 52-week lows.

The stock traded in a relatively modest range from .0157 to .02 (+27%) yesterday, but closed with strength. Especially with the enormous flow of volume at the present time, we’re definitely interested in tracking ICLD’s movements over the next several sessions.

Fresh Options Ideas:

Big Lots, Inc. BIG –  Big Lots had a mixed bag earnings report today, missing estimates on sales, but beating on profits. Still, it appears as if BIG could be gearing up for a decent run, so we’re going to highlight a range of options to track- the BIG 03/17 $52.50-57.50 Calls.

Caterpillar, Inc. CAT – On a bearish note, things got ugly for Caterpillar yesterday as multiple federal agencies participated in a massive raid of its offices in relation to a years-long IRS investigation into a billion dollar tax discrepancy. CAT stock took a massive gut punch, and could continue to see hardship as more details of the investigation and possible consequences become available. We’ll be tracking the CAT 04/07 $88-85 Puts, which could fare extremely well if it comes down to fill a gap on its chart which we’ve pointed out below.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: UA Options Recap & More

Options Update

Under Armour, Inc. UA – For a fresh options idea yesterday, we were taking a look at UA Weekly $45-48 Calls and were provided a good opportunity for some impressive intraday gains beginning early in the session. We were quite pleased with the performance of five out of the six sets of contracts in our observed range. The exception to the rule were the $48 Calls, which weren’t quite pushed into the money (UA high: 47.80). The rest offered up great chances, which were as follows:

$45 Calls – Trading Range: 1.45-3.91 – Max Gain: 170%
$45.50 Calls – Trading Range: 1.25-2.10 – Max Gain: 68%
$46 Calls– Trading Range:  .80-1.80 – Max Gain: 125%
$46.50 Calls – Trading Range: .85-1.21 – Max Gain: 42%
$47 Calls – Trading Range: .35-1.00 – Max Gain: 186%
$47.50 Calls – Trading Range: .28-.70 – Max Gain: 150%



We also want to put arange of options contracts on watch for McDonald’s Corp. MCD on the heels of its earnings beat. We’re going to be tracking the MCD Weekly $125-128 Calls for potential daytrades.

CAUTION: Trading weekly options on Friday is very high risk, as the closing bell signals their expiration. To be attempted by advanced traders only!

Aperture Health, Inc. APRE

When we introduced APRE to our readers on Monday (>>View Report), and at the time we ventured that it may display the same sort of volatility as is characteristic for such a low-float play, and we weren’t disappointed.

The stock offered up multiple chances for intraday gains over the course of the week. Monday brought a nice 59% rip from .027-.0428. Tuesday we saw a 23% swing from .031-.038, and yesterday, a run from .025-.0379 (+52%). In total, 134% in cumulative gains on the week, which is very respectable indeed.

Over the course of this same past week, with respect to its status on OTC Markets, APRE went from bearing a stop sign, to a yield, and has now gone current in an effort to be more transparent. It’s really good to see management doing the right thing for shareholders! We’ll be anxious to follow the progress of this interesting company into the future.

Once more, check out our detailed APRE Report as a place to begin your own due diligence.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR Options Recap & More

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR – Options Recap

We seem to have an uncanny knack for using the PBR options chain to our advantage, having done that so many times over the past few years that we’ve actually lost count.

Yesterday was no different, as we signaled interest in a pair of contracts that both ended up making appreciable intraday moves. Our highlighted plays were the PBR Weekly $6 $ 6.50 Calls. The 6’s traded in a range from .21-.35 for a gain of 66%, while the 6.50’s ran 49% from .53-.79. Should PBR continue along the bullish path we could see these figures extended even higher.

We also noted an exceedingly large amount of open interest (volume) in the contracts one increment up the chain, so we’ll also be watching the PBR Weekly $7’s for today, and most likely tomorrow as well.

3D Systems Corp. DDD

We began tracking DDD on February 2nd, and despite the Groundhog’s prediction being wildly inaccurate, ours was absolutely spot-on!  We witnessed a low of 7.40 in the stock that morning and have not seen it head lower since. As you can see on the beauty of a chart, it has been virtually one continuous uptrend over the past couple of months.

As of this morning’s premarket high of $18, we’ve witnessed a 143% upswing over the time that we’ve been monitoring the stock. Recent bullish patterns that we’ve highlighted on the chart below seem to indicate the possibility of even more gains from here, so we’ll want to watch closely.

The latest surge of momentum has been helped along by a PR released on Tuesday:

SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

SUNE was a stock that we began monitoring for a bottom several weeks back, however, at the time it appeared that a rebound could be a long way off. We drew our readers attention back to the stock exactly a week ago, and after some more sideways trading, this morning we’re finally catching the break we were looking for.

The investigation which has arguably held the stock back for quite some time, yielded no findings of fraudulent activity, as can be referred to in the following piece >> Read Article @ USA Today

In the premarket we’ve seen the stock gap up more than 50% which means we should be on the lookout for the possibility of a dip-and-rip to start things off today.

Extended Watchlist: