Options and OTC Runners, Fresh Ideas

Options Runner Recaps: 

Our accuracy on options plays continued with precision on Monday as we recapped the unreal gains from last week, and of course formulated some fresh ideas to get things started this week. We put up three shots with some earnings related ideas, and they all found their mark!

We were targeting the ON Weekly $60-62 Calls, the TSN 02/18 $95-97.50 Calls, and the PTON Weekly $29-32 Calls. Regardless of which set and strike area that was chosen out of our designated ranges, we hit on some really nice intraday movement.

They were good for the following intraday runs and total possible percentage gains:

ON Weekly $60-62 Calls
$60: 2.20-5.10 (+132%)
$61: 2.23-4.25 (+91%)
$61.50: 1.85-4.00 (+116%)
$62: 1.79-3.81 (+113%)

TSN 02/18 $95-97.50 Calls
 2.00-5.10 (+155%)
$97.50: .76-3.20 (+321%)

PTON Weekly $29-32 Calls

$29: 2.44-4.45 (+82%)
$30: 2.10-3.90 (+86%)
$31: 1.76-3.45 (+96%)
$32: 1.49-2.98 (+100%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PFE Weekly $53-51.50 Puts
AMGN Weekly $220-225 Calls

AiAdvertising, Inc. AIAD – Review:

We’ve been tracking AIAD via our extended watchlists rather frequently since the 19th of January.and it has performed rather well over that time frame. The following day, the stock saw a low of .0176, and it hasn’t looked back. Yesterday AIAD reached a new high of .0401, which represents an overall increase of 128%

Extended Watchlist: