KEGS News Alert & More

Yesterday’s Options Runners,
PTON Calls Set Huge New Highs: 

Yesterday morning in our premarket report, we had a relatively light load of just two options ideas for the day, but we were able to find some pretty good intraday opportunities in both cases.

We were tracking the PFE Weekly $53-51.50 Puts and the AMGN Weekly $220-225 Calls, and we’ve also got an update on the incredible new highs in the PTON Weekly $29-32 Calls that we alerted on in Monday morning’s premarket report.

Here are the daily gains from yesterday’s plays, and the 2-day swings on those PTON targets:

PFE Weekly $53-51.50 Puts
$53: 2.08-3.33 (+60%)
$52.50: 1.62-2.86 (+77%)
$52: 1.37-2.51 (+83%)
$51.50: 1.04-2.10 (+102%)

AMGN Weekly $220-225 Calls
$220: 13.00-24.47 (+88%)
$222.50: 9.95-22.00 (+121%)
$225: 7.50-19.23 (+156%)

PTON Weekly $29-32 Calls
$29: 2.44-11.10 (+355%)
$30: 2.10-10.65 (+407%)
$31: 1.76-9.58 (+444%)
$32: 1.49-9.00 (+502%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
YUM Weekly $125-127 Calls
ENPH Weekly $170-180 Calls

1812 Brewing Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:KEGS) – News Alert:

When we published our focus report on KEGS on Thursday morning we promised to stay on top of any fresh news to hit the wires and pass it along to our readers as promptly as possible. This morning, the company dropped a fresh PR so we wanted to include a snippet and link to that for your convenience.

The news relates to the equipping of the new 13,000 square foot production facility that will allow 1812 Brewing to become self-sufficient in its production process, and explore the creativity of its brewers more effectively with the ability to brew and test smaller batches.

Watertown, NY, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 1812 Brewing Company, Inc. (OTC Pink: KEGS) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has successfully commissioned its recently-acquired MAKRO Three Station Bottle Labeler, its GAI 3031 FM Bier Monobloc Gravity and Pressure Bottle Filler, and its GAI 4290R Crown Cap Elevator. (>>View Full PR)