MSLP, AGCZ, IDOI, GMXS, PNSN | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Muscle Pharm Corp MSLP

There has been an awful lot going on at Muscle Pharm these days. Over the past week, we have seen a number of news updates and filings, giving us much to pore over, even as the stock itself is enjoying great success.

On Friday, MSLP hit a new high of .0365, before closing out the day near that high at .0358.

From a low of .0075 following our initial mention of MSLP, we have experienced gains upwards of 375%

We are starting to see some promotional activity kick off on this stock, but once again, you heard it here first.

Andes Gold Corp. AGCZ

AGCZ closed at a new high on Friday (.07), nearly a 100% gain from its low at .036, where the stock was trading after we first began monitoring.

It has been over a month that we’ve been covering this play, and one look at its performance is all it takes to see why.

AGCZ CEO Robert Talbot was featured in a live interview with our friends over at STT Radio (Stock Traders Talk) – Click here to Listen

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

IDOI has been no slouch since it has graced our tickers. Having been as low as .37 following our maiden alert on 02/16, and touching .56 on Friday marks a 53% gain.

It has already proven itself as a winner, with the potential to build upon that. We will continue to stay patient with  IDOI, and reserve its spot on our watchlists.

Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

We first mentioned GMXS on 03/20, after which time the stock traded as low as .062, and running as high as .082 on Thursday, and holding much of those gains as it managed an .08 close on Friday.

In total, gains of 29-32% were possible. We are noticing some increased volume since we first added it to our radar. We’ve seen what can happen with gold plays (like AGCZ) when heavy volume starts to pour in, so for that reason, GMXS is still on our radar.

Were there to be any additional volume increases, history shows us that further percentage gains are somewhat likely.

Penson Worldwide, Inc. PNSN

PNSN had to make an appearance in the newsletter today, and once you take one look at the chart, you’ll see why. A bottom-play if ever there was one, you can clearly see several indications that a recovery from current levels could yield significant gains.

The stock underwent a huge sell-off, and is now dancing around just above the 52-wk low of .64, as well as the MACD hinting at a turnaround.

This could be an excellent opportunity for all of us bottom-fishers out there, so we wanted to point it out in case you’ve yet to run across it.

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