BUCS, CBIS | Today’s Stocks

Business Continuity Solutions Inc. BUCS

 We alerted BUCS as a potential bottom-bounceplay last Thursday. At the time it closed at .007, and Friday, saw a low of .0073, closing at .0099. From .007, that represents a gain 43%

It appears to be holding this PPS on relatively light volume, so we will want to keep an eye on it presently.

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

CBIS is putting together one heck of a chart. It has been stairstepping its way up, having run from as low a penny, to as high as .2455 between January and February. (+2379%)

Following that big run, the stock hit a low of .05 on Mar 20th, and has now come to .169 (+238%) A return to the .2455 level from here would mark added gains upwards of 45%