Monday’s Runners, 5 Fresh Ideas

Solid Start to the Week:

We fared reasonably well with our options picks yesterday. In our premarket report we highlighted four possible targets, and three of those returned solid intraday upswings. It was a pretty good way to kick off the week, and was done in spite of being a little short on top name earnings reporters for the session. We’re back into some really big names today, so we shouldn’t experience any major difficulties today either.

Our winning ideas for Monday were the NVDA Weekly $725 Calls, the MNDY Weekly $215-205 Puts, and the TRMB Weekly $50 Puts. (We mistakenly assumed $5 increments on the MNDY chain, so the only existing set of contracts in our given range were the $210’s). Here were the gain opportunities that those provided for us on the day:

NVDA Weekly $725 Calls
: 13.57-28.32 (+127%)

MNDY Weekly $215-205 Puts
$210: 3.30-6.00 (+82%)

TRMB Weekly $50 Puts
$50: .05-.10 (+100%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ANET Weekly $260-255 Puts
WM Weekly $192.50-197.50 Calls
DDOG Weekly $131-128 Puts
LSCC weekly $65 Puts
CDNS Weekly $285-280 Puts

Beamr Imaging Ltd. (NASDAQ:BMR) – Recap: 

We also observed an amazing showing by BMR, a stock that appeared in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. From a daily low of 6.04 it went on to trade for as much as 34.94 a share, which worked out to an intraday rip of 478% which is highly remarkable for a stock in that price range on the upper exchanges. It was the top gainer of the day for the whole NASDAQ.

Extended Watchlist: