Monday’s Movers, Trio of New Ideas

Good Start to the Week:

It was a solid start to the fresh trading week on Monday. Out of the three potential targets we included in our daily premarket report, all three of them experienced intraday upswings of a significant nature. That picked things up right where we left them on Friday, when we swept the board as well.

Our slate of possible interests for the session were the SPY 04/15 $513-515 Calls, the MTB Weekly $140 Calls, and the TSLA Weekly $170 Puts, and here was the activity they each posted on the day:

SPY 04/15 $513-515 Calls
: .52-1.00 (+92%)
$514: .30-.59 (+97%)
$515: .17-.31 (+82%)

MTB Weekly $140 Calls
: 2.35-6.20 (+164%)

TSLA Weekly $170 Puts
$170: 3.50-9.25 (+164%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
UNH Weekly $477.50-482.50 Calls
MS Weekly $88-90 Calls
AMD Weekly $160-162.50 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced traders

Watchlist Recaps:

We’ve also got a couple of plays off of our extended watchlist from yesterday morning, which went on to make notable increases for us. We had SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPCB) run from a low of .33 up to .545 for a 65% rise, and Hub Cyber Security Inc. (NASDAQ:HUBC), which moved up from 1.52 to a high of 2.38 in the premarket today, marking an increase of 57%

Extended Watchlist: