OTC Medical Cannabis Special Report

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBIH) Special Report:

For today’s report, we’re excited to be profiling Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings (“CBIH“), an intriguing cannabis company that has its sights set on securing a piece of the massive global CBD (Cannabidiol) market. CBD is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of nearly 50%, reaching a market valuation of over $55 billion by 2028 (according to cbih.net).

As we’ve recently mentioned, we’ve had loads of experience with OTC Cannabis stocks and we can recognize a good ground-floor opportunity when we see one. Right now, CBIH appears to have all the pieces in place to write a very compelling story in 2024 and beyond. CBIH has been hard at work developing multiple CBD-based treatments for osteoarthritis, anxiety, PTSD, and an array of other common physical and psychological afflictions, with the intention of running a full gamut of clinical trials to prove their effectiveness.

In a recent letter to shareholders (via Newsfile Corp), company CEO Dante Picazo communicated his excitement over one CBIH product in particular- Orthocann. It is his belief that it could become the world’s first intra-articular injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis, to actually help rebuild tissues which have been damaged by the disease. While certainly an intriguing prospect, it is also the company’s intent to market Orthocann as an ointment and a capsule as well.

According to Medical News Today, roughly half a billion people (~7% of the global population) suffer from this most common form of arthritis that primarily affects people over 40-50 years of age. That’s well over 30 million individuals in the US alone, which is obviously a huge market for CBIH to target with Orthocann. Considering that we are a country with a rapidly increasing elderly population, one would also expect those figures to climb higher by the year.

In addition to a full line of CBD formulations, CBIH is also in the business of medicinal cannabis education, offering tools to the public via Pharmacology University, an online learning platform to educate individuals on the chemistry, cultivation, and many benefits of, and opportunities presented by, cannabis and its byproducts. In this regard, we feel that CBIH is acting as an excellent ambassador for the medical cannabis industry at large.

Stay tuned for future updates on Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, and its big plans for 2024. 


This morning, CBIH has officially announced its engagement of our parent company to help transform its approach to investor relations, and aid in bringing the company’s vision for the future to life. A charge that we take very seriously, and are honored to undertake.

HOUSTON, TX–(NewsFile Corp. – February 20, 2024) – Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings, a Houston-based company trading on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol CBIH, has engaged the services of Bull in Advantage as its Investor Relations firm. (>>VIEW PR)

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