INO Update & More

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INO 

We signaled INO on Thursday morning, and this week, the stock has enjoyed some really solid activity, which facilitated the chance at a big gain for traders. We have observed a range of 3.83-7.48 in just a couple of sessions. That works out to total potential profit of 95%

It was a buck of the overall trend as many of these pharma plays have been doing through the coronavirus scare currently in progress. While the markets got a momentary boost from the Fed’s surprise rate cut yesterday, it was not long-lived, and the decline for other stocks continued throughout the majority of the session.

This morning, the stock has hit 8.80 in the premarket, extending our observed gain this week to 130%

While world governments rush to contain the spread of the virus, it would not yet be accurate to call it under control. We would expect much more hardship on the day-to-day for stocks before we’re out of the woods. So plays like INO are a welcome respite during this tumultuous time, and we’ll do our best to keep them coming.

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