ICPA, VPER, & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IC Places, Inc. ICPA

ICPA reached a new high of .0275 on Wednesday. That brings the overall figure since we first jumped on this stock at .0008, to 3338%  From our most recent alert at .0025, it marked a 1000% gain.

All in all ICPA is one of our most successful plays of all time.

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

In the past 3 months, VPER has been known to make some wild swings. In January, the stock was trading as low as .0006; and susequently hit a high of .0084 in a shart span of two weeks. We then saw a consolidation to a low of .0013, only to shoot back up as high as .0064.

We alerted VPER as low as .0018, and in a matter of weeks, experienced a gain to .0064, a 250% move.

We see a base that has been formed now in the .0024-.0027 range, with key resistance up at .0033 (50DMA) and .004. (20DMA)

The RSI and the Slow STO are currently looking ready to bounce off of being oversold, and the PPO is showing slight convergence as it sets up for a cross.

With the kind of volatility that VPER offers, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it produce yet another multi-bag run from these levels.

Atlas Technology Group, Inc. ATYG

ATYG is another past runner that is looking like it is ready to make another rebound after a recent consolidation. We wanted to throw this one back into the mix today for that reason.
Extended Watchlist:
(A typo occurred yesterday and RSRS appeared as ‘NSRS’, [thanks, D.J.B.])