EXTO, UTRM, APII & IWEB Inside Today’s Blue Horseshoe Penny Stock Report

Action Products International, Inc. APII

APII cropped up on our radar yesterday as a tip from one of our loyal subscribers. After taking a good, long look at the company, the share structure, and the chart as well, we are liking what we see from every angle.As of June 28th, 2011, APII has 11,930,756 Shares Outstanding, and 4,472,370 in the float. We are always enthusiastic about plays with this tight of a structure.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO underwent somewhat of a consolidation on Tuesday, as is to be expected based off of last weeks strong gains. It seems our new support level rests at a penny, or just slightly above. Since we have followed this stock, EXTO had traded with a very predictable pattern, something we like very much.

Following every pullback period, there have been news-fueled surges, thus we would not be surprised at all to see that phenomena occur once again. We have our eyes scanning the press wires constantly for the next update.

EXTO has been a winner for us for months now, and to be perfectly honest, we see no ending in sight. We expect to play this stock on through to the new year, which incidentally, seems to be hurtling toward us at an astonishing rate.


IWEB had a bit of a pullback yesterday, hitting a new low for us, giving us the opportunity to average down, and for new blood to enter the stock at a low price.

The 52-Week low on this stock is .155, and yesterday’s low was .161, so we feel that it should not dip too much lower from this point.

This morning’s news could well be the catalyst which induces the next bounce on this play, which from here, could be pretty impressive.

STERLING, Va., Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — IceWEB, Inc.(TM) (OTCBB: IWEB), www.IceWEB.com, a leading provider of Unified Data Storage and building blocks for cloud storage networks, announced today that BroadAspect, a business-class broadband and networking services company, is deploying IceWEB Unified Storage Systems to power its new enterprise-level, cloud services infrastructure.

BroadAspect’s new cloud service offering enhances their managed hosting capabilities by delivering a broad spectrum of enterprise applications–including server and desktop virtualization, web services, high transactional workloads and disaster recovery. IceWEB’s virtualized storage systems allow for multiple tiers of storage from a single IceWEB platform.

Consequently, cloud service providers can provision database and virtual machines from a performance tier and backup services from a capacity tier. All IceWEB Unified Data Storage Systems support both file and block data which can dramatically reduce the amount of physical storage required.

United Treatment Centers, Inc UTRM

We would just like to pat ourselves on the back (once again) for calling out the bottom on UTRM, after quite a long period of inactivity on our part. Our timing was impeccable, preceding a run from .0008 to .0059 for an overall gain of 635%

The news that sparked this impressive run simply alluded to an LOI, and so we will want to monitor closely to see that the company follows through with its plans, something we must always do when a Letter-of-Intent scenario presents itself.

Stay with us for more updates on these companies, as well as all of our other interests, and most importantly: Good Luck, and Happy Trading!