UTRM United Treatment Centers, Inc – BRGO Bergio Intl. Inc. – Blue Horseshoe Midday Report

Bergio International, Inc. BRGO

BRGO turned out to be a well-timed call for this morning’s pre-market alerts. Before lunchtime, the stock had already traded well over three times its 10-Day average volume, and reached as high as .145, for a possible gain of 45%.

There were actually two opportunities to flip BRGO this morning: From .104 to .139, and then from .111 to .145. Not too bad for a half-day’s worth of trading.

Currently the stock is .123 x .133, and we like the way that it’s trending.

United Treatment Centers, Inc UTRM

We also wanted to point out UTRM this afternoon. We were mentioning it at its bottom at .0008 last week, and today, a positive PR propelled the price of the stock to a high of .0059, for a whopping gain of 638%

UTRM opened at a low .0019, subsequently touching a high of .0059; thus, it must maintain at least 50% of its gains (.0039 or better) for it to remain bullish