Clean Sweep on Options Winners

Options Success Across the Board:

What a way to head into the end of the week, as we cruise in on this lovely Friday morning with a full slate of successful earnings related options ideas! We don’t call it out bread and butter for nothing. Every single idea that we signaled for observation in yesterday’s premarket report produced big time chances for solid single session gains.

We were tracking after the SPY 05/20 $390-388 Puts, the KSS Weekly $41-39 Puts, the BJ Weekly $55 Calls, and the SNPS Weekly $270-280 Calls. Out of all those potential targets, just one contract set in the SNPS chain failed to produce double-bag gains. The total figures on those plays were as follows:

SPY 05/20 $390-388 Puts
 1.97-4.17 (+112%)
$389: 1.55-3.63 (+134%)
$388: 1.41-3.15 (+123%)

KSS Weekly $41-39 Puts
 .80-1.82 (+128%)
$40: .50-1.30 (+160%)
$39: .38-.99 (+161%)

BJ Weekly $55 Calls
$55: 1.65-5.10 (+209%)

SNPS Weekly $270-280 Calls
$270: 20.30-34.03 (+67%)
$280: 10.00-25.82 (+158%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
FL Weekly $29-31 Calls*
PANW Weekly $475-487.50 Calls*
DE Weekly $360-350 Puts*

*Trading options on their day of expiration can be risky. Please don’t try it unless you are well-versed in options trading 

Extended Watchlist: